Profile of Lee Jong-hyuk, and Facts (Wife, Age, Plastic Surgery, etc)

lee jong hyuk

Get To Know More About the Multi-Talented Actor Lee Jong-hyuk

Lee Jong-hyuk is a South Korean drama, movie, and theater actor. He is best known for his role in the 2012 romantic comedy series, A Gentlemen’s Dignity. The 43 year old actor also appeared on the variety show Dad! Where Are We Going? in 2013-2014 with his youngest son, Lee Junsu.

Now let’s find out more about this multi-talented actor, Lee Jong-hyuk!

Lee Jong-hyuk’s Profile

lee jong hyuk

Name        : Lee Jong-hyuk (이종혁)

Birthplace  : Seoul, South Korea

Birthdate   : July 31, 1974

Height       : 184 cm

University  : Seoul Institute of Arts, Majored in Drama

Star Sign   : Leo

Family       : Choi Eun-ae (spouse), Lee Junsu and Lee Taksu (sons)

Agency      : Dain Entertainment

Twitter      :  @actorjonghyuk

Instagram : @actorjonghyuk

Daum Cafe: Lee Jonghyuk

Lee Jong-hyuk in Gentlemen’s Dignity

Gentlemen's Dignity

A Gentleme’s Dignity is a 2012 romantic comedy drama starring Jang Dong-gun, Kim Haneul, Kim Suro, Kim Minjong, and Lee Jong-hyuk. It aired from May 26 to August 2012 on SBS every Saturday and Sunday. It has a total of 20 episodes. It was directed by Shin Woo-chul and written by Kim Eun-sool, the same writer behind the hit drama Secret Gardem, Lovers in Prague, and Lovers in Paris. 

This drama follows the story of 4 men in their 40s who have been friends since they were 18 years old. It is about their careers, love lives, breakups, and failures in their life. The 4 men is Kim Do-jin (Jang Dong-gun), who is a confident ladies man who owns architectural firm with Im Tae-san (Kim Su-ro). The 2nd guy is Im Tae-san who is a partner in Kim Do-jin’s architectural firm and a member of the Blue Cats baseball team. The 3rd guy is Choi Yoon (Kim Min-jong), who is a lawyer and is recovering from his grieve of losing his wife 4 years ago. And the last is Lee Jung-rok (Lee Jong-hyuk), who is a player and an owner of Mango Six cafe and bar and has married to a rich women.

In this drama, Lee Jong-hyuk, who played as Lee Jung-rok, received lots of love for his skill of playing the role of the playboy. Although Lee Jong-hyuk portrayed such a character in the drama, on July 30 2012, he mentioned on SBS Good Morning, that he’s actually the total opposite of Lee Jung-rok. He added that he’s a devoted family-loving husband, rather than the playboy husband that he portrayed. He also a responsible husband, as he always makes sure that his wife and sons live well. He said, “I recycle a lot and play with children well. I also spend some lovely time with my wife drinking.

Lee Jong-hyuk’s Other Dramas, Movies, and Plays

lee jonghyuk

Other than A Gentlemen’s Dignity, Lee Jong-hyuk has been acting for over a decade now. Aside from dramas and movies, he has also been starring in some theater projects. Here is the long list of his dramas, movies, and theater shows so far


Year Title Role Network
2005 Green Rose Shin Hyun-tae SBS
2006 Hello God Park Dong-jae KBS2
Dr. Kkang Seok Hee-jung MBC
2007 Crazy in Love Lee Hyun-chul SBS
2008 Bichunmoo Ha Chang-ryong SBS
Formidable Rivals Yoo Gwan-pil KBS2
Chosun Police Season 2 Jin Moo-young MBC Every 1
2010 The Slave Hunters Hwang Chul-woong KBS2
Marry Me, Please Kim Tae-ho KBS2
2011 Detectives in Trouble Jung Il-do KBS2
Drama Special: “Yeongdeok Women’s Wrestling Team” Park Joo-young KBS2
2012 A Gentlemen’s Dignity Lee Jung-rok SBS
2013 Dating Agency: Cyrano Seo Byung-hoon tvN
2014 Drama Festival “Turning Point” Yeom Dong-il MBC
One Sunny Day Young-ho Line TV
2015 Queen’s Flower Park Min-joon MBC
Bubble Gum Kang Suk-joon tvN
2016 Descendants of The Sun Captain Kim Jin Seok KBS2
2018 Yeonnam-dong 539 Sang Bong-tae MBN



Year Title Role
1998 Shiri Special agent, North Korean 8th squad
1999 Attack at the Gas Station Thug 4, Yonggari’s underling
2004 Once Upon a Time in High School Cha Jong-hoon
Shinsukki Blues Judical Affairs team leader, Shin Seok-gi
2005 Mr. Socrates Squad leader Shin
2006 A Dirty Carnival Gangster in the movie
Dark Forest Jung Woo-jin
A Good Day to Have an Affair Fox 2
2008 Miss Gold Digger Han Dong-min
Radio Dayz K
Crush and Blush Seo Jong-cheol
2010 Parallel Life Lee Kang-seong
2011 Hindsight Baek Kyung-min
2012 Rise of the Guardians Pitch Black
2015 My Sister, the Pig Lady Joon-seob
2016 Shall We Do it Again Ahn Sang-cheol