Full Profile of Korean Actor Lee Ji-hoon (1979)


In 2006, Lee started participated in the musical. His first musical is Altar Boyz. Then, in 2008, he participated in the musical Hamlet and become the main character. After that, he always participated in other musicals. However, in 2015, after the musical Elizabeth, there’s divided opinion. There’s an opinion about musical actor got overcasted. But, in 2017, he was be able to show his improvement and casted as the role Ahn Jung-geun in the musical Hero. Lee also was participated in the musical Wonhyo. For the musical he dyed his hair white. Because of that, he got a nickname ‘Wonhyo Hairstyle Beckham’.



Other than become singer, actor, and actor musical, Lee also worked as public relation ambassador for some project. Here’s the list:

  • 20th World Anti Smoking Day Public Relations Ambassador (2007)
  • The 10th Jeonju International Film Festival Public Relations Ambassador (2009)
  • Miller Welfare Foundation Public Relation Ambassador (2012)
  • Seoul Metropolitan City Gangseo-gu Public Relation Ambassador (2012)


Lee also made appearance in the show King of Mask Singer. From the show, he got to show his singing skills and deceiving all the panels. His appearance got the most votes from viewer. Then, he participated in the album for the show.

Recently, Lee collaborated with EVERYMEAL to sell food pre-cook based on his diet. The name of the package is 7 Days of Lee Ji Hoon with EVERYMEAL. All the food comes as fresh ingredients and customer only need to cook based on the recipe that also given in the package. Here’s the website to order the package.

Lee Ji-hoon’s Scandal


In 2005, Lee got into a fraud lawsuit due to conflict with sponsors related to their activities in Japan. A representative of the travel and management company, filed lawsuit against him for damages about 290 million won. The company was supposed to received 100 million won for Lee’s activities in Japan and Korea. They also supposed to built a Korean restaurant to make profit from Japanese fans, but Lee didn’t keep his promise as in the contract.

As his defense, Lee thought he only need to arrange an events for Japanese fan meeting. For restaurant matter, he didn’t want to involve in restaurant business because he concerned about the possibility break the law by doing business with his name. Then, both sides were summoned for investigation.