Full Profile of Korean Actor Lee Ji-hoon (1979)

Lee Ji-hoon’s Award List

Seoul Music Award (1997)

12th Golden Disk Award (1997)

KMTV 97 Gayo Challenge “Most Popular Singer” (1997)

SBS Music Award – New Artist Award (1997)

KBS Song Award (1997)

Youth Culture Contribution Ministry of Culture (1999)

The 18th Golden Disk Awards Ceremony – Group S (2003)

Korean Music Awards (KMA) Singer of the Year – Group S (2003)

19th Korean Musical Grand Prix Award (2013)

Lee Ji-hoon’s Personal Life

Lee was born on March 27, 1979. He is the second child from three children. Since he was little, he has been good at singing. At the age of 18, he debuted with the song Why is Heaven… from the album Rhythm Paradise. When he just debuted, he hide his house information because he was too ashamed to admit that he wasn’t rich. But, after live alone, he started to had mental breakdown. At that time, he started to realized the importance of his family. Then, Lee back to live with his family.


Because Lee debuted in an early age, when he was in high school, he got arrogant and lived his way. His parents started to worried and report his disappearance to the police. After his family reported him, he started to worry and comeback to home. He told his disappearance story at the show Strong Heart and unfold his secret for the first time.

There’s a rumor about him being iljin in the past. For your information, iljin is a nickname for delinquent student. He was rumored picking fight with other fighter from other schools. This rumor was circulated between alumni. Lee didn’t deny this rumor. He explained this in an interview with Donga News.

“I played hard until my sophomore year, so my mother was often called to school. I fought a lot at school. There was a tradition of choosing the superiority among the school representative that leads to fighting.” Said Lee.

He also added, “It’s parent’s fault. I grow up with do not talk with my parents at the restaurant. It has been a mistake since I don’t engage in conversation.”


In 2017, when Lee was guested in the show Radio Star, he revealed that he is in a serious relationship with a Korean-American woman. They have been dating for a year with the intent of marriage. We hope get to hear a good news soon!

Lee Ji-hoon’s Career

Lee Ji-hoon was debuted in 1996 with the album Rhythm Paradise. The title song, Why is Heaven… got first place in several music shows. Lee become popular and placed in the same class with singer Seo Ji-won. His next single, My Only Bride, climbing up in the chart, and followed with his next single. His thick lips become his image. In early 2000’s, he started to working as an actor and show off his multi talent.


In 2001, he released another album. But, his image already changed as an actor rather than as a singer. Then, in 2004, Lee and Kangta from H.O.T, formed a group called ‘S’ with boygroup Shinhwa’s main vocal, Shin Hye-sung. The group was managed under SM Entertainment. They released their first album and won an award in 18th Golden Disk Awards. After promoting with the group, in the same year, he released a solo album titled Eternity. The album was collaborated with singer Shin Hye-sung and female singer, Lee Soo-young.

Lee made his debut into acting with the drama No One Can Tell and the movie The Audition. However, he didn’t make his breakthrough in acting because he only got supported role. Then, his name started to rise in acting through the drama Wonderful Life. He got main role in the drama and acted with other actors, such as Kim Jae-won, Han Eun-jung, and Eugene.