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Lee Eun-ju is a South Korean actress who made her debut as an actress in 1997, but had to stop her career as an actress in 2005. She died in 2005 by committing suicide in her apartment in Bundang, Seongnam due to depression. She left a suicide note scrawled in blood, in which she wrote, “Mom, I am sorry and I love you.” A separate note said, “I wanted to do too much. Even though I live, I’m not really alive. I don’t want anyone to be disappointed. It’s nice having money…I wanted to make money.”

Eun-ju’s later career was marked by several turns in films that failed at the box-office, plus a key role in the record-breaking Korean War movie Taegukgi. In 2004, she appeared in the very popular Korean drama, Phoenix, and later that year, she starred in her last feature, The Scarlet Letter which screened as the Closing Film at the 2004 Pusan International Film Festival.

“I’m called a new generation star, but I don’t want to be kind of person who achieves instant fame and then is quickly forgotten. I want to learn step-by-step how to become a good actress, and gradually work my way up. A star achieves brilliance, but is soon forgotten; to become an actress takes more time.” She said.

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Full Profile of Korean Actress, Lee Eun-ju

Name : Lee Eun-ju

Date of Birth : November 16, 1980

Age : 24 years old

Profession : Actress

Death of Birth : February 22, 2005

Height : 168 cm

Weight : 48 kg

Zodiac : Scorpio

Blood Type : A

Education : Gunsan Yeonggwang Girls’ High School, Dangook University (Theater)

Language : Korean and English

Religion : Protestant

Agency : Namoo Actors