Lee Da-hae’s Profile and Facts (Husband, Dramas, TV Shows, Surgery, and Diet)

Lee Da-hae’s TV Show List

Lee Da-hae's TV Show List

If you are a fan of Lee Da-hae, you must be curious and want to watch any shows that Lee Da-hae has starred in, right? So, here especially for you is the list of Lee Da-hae’s TV appearances.

1. Running Man


Da-hae guest-starred on Running Man in episodes 82-83 and 289-290.

2. Roommate Season 1


Da-hae appeared in Roommate Season 1 in the 5th and 16th episodes. Roommate is a variety show where eleven celebrities live together in close quarters and share the cooking, cleaning, and everyday chores around the house.

3. Guesthouse Daughters (2017)


Daughters is a Korean variety show where five famous actresses and two famous comedians move into a large guesthouse and live together. As they live together in the large guesthouse, they play various games and greet new celebrity guests. Da-hae was the main host of Guesthouse Daughters.

4. Happy Together Season 3

Happy Together Season 3

Da-hae guest-starred on Happy Together Season 3 in episodes 130-131 and 285.

5. My Little Old Boy

My Little Old Boy

Da-hae guest-starred on My Little Old Boy in episodes 80-81.

Lee Da-hae’s Latest News

Lee Da-hae's Latest News

As fans of Lee Da-hae, you must be curious and want to know anything about her, right? Anything related to her is a must you should know and find out to get the latest news and information about her. So, here is the latest news regarding Lee Da-hae for you guys!

1. Da-hae and Se7en Are Publicly Dating

se7en dahae

In June 2017, Da-hae was caught on camera on a date in Paris with Se7en. The couple has indeed been in a relationship since 2016. Let’s pray that they will last!

2. Da-hae Is a Prostitution Artist?


A shocking rumor came about that Da-hae was a prostitution artist. In December 2013, Lee filed defamation charges against Internet users who spread malicious rumors claiming she had been involved in an upscale celebrity prostitution ring. Prosecutors cleared Lee of the allegations, stating that she was not one of the entertainers being investigated.

In an interview, she gave the statement, “My name was on the list of celebrity prostitution. I acted like I wasn’t, but I was actually struggling. I pretended to be okay because I’m a celebrity, but the rumors have gone too far.”

She continued, “My family worried about me a lot. So, we went out to eat at a big Korean traditional restaurant. I pretended to be okay in front of my family, but when I looked down, I was wearing two different shoes.”

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