South Korean Actress: Profile of Lee Cho-hee and Facts (Boyfriend, Movies, TV Shows, and Drama List)

lee cho hee

Who is Lee Cho-hee?

Lee Cho-hee is a South Korean actress and musical actress who was born October 4, 1989 in Daegu. She made a breakthrough career when she played as Gab-soon in the historical drama Six Flying Dragons in 2015 and when she played the role of Lee Dan-nim in the romantic comedy drama Lucky Romance in 2016. She landed her first role as a leading actress on a web series called Seven First Kiss which she played the role of a women waiting for her first kiss.

Her role where she would act alongside with several handsome men like Lee Min-ho, Lee Jong-suk, Park Hae-jin, Taecyeon 2PM, Kai EXO, Lee Jun-gi, Ji Chang-wook successfully made her popularity rise. Lee Cho-hee made her first debut role in 2001 when she acted in the drama Sun-young’s Letter a short film. She majored in acting at Seoul Institute of The Arts. She has a sister whom she loves to post the photos of her and her sister’s daughter on SNS. Lee Cho-hee has been known for her resemblance to Apink’s main vocalist Jung Eun-ji.

Lee Cho-hee’s Personal Life

Lee Cho-hee never shared any personal updates on her life as she does not have any SNS accounts. Apparently, she also does not share any news about whom she dated as she focuses only on her career. It is still a secret on whether she already has a boyfriend or not. There is also no scandal news for her; proof that she only lives her life in a righteous way.

List of Lee Cho-hee Dramas

lee cho hee

Lee Cho-hee has been starring many in roles for dramas. Her first appearance in drama was in 2001 when she played in Life is Beautiful. In 2015, she gained attention for her successful role as Gab-soon in Six Flying Dragons which she also contributed to in singing for one of its OST. Here is a list of dramas that Lee Cho-hee has starred in:

  • Life is Beautiful – ( KBS2/ 2001)
  • Dancing Girl Wawa – Cho-hee/ Maetel ( EBS/ 2002)
  • Inspiring Generation – Mal-sook ( KBS2/ 2014)
  • Wonderful Days – Seo Jung-ah ( KBS2/ 2014)
  • Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit – Jung Eun-ji ( tvN/2014
  • My Lovely Girl – Joo-hong ( SBS/ 2014)
  • Drama Special: The Reason I Get Drunk – Young-ja ( KBS2/ 2014)
  • More Than a Maid –  Sa-wol ( JTBC/ 2015)
  • Who Are You: School 2015 – Lee Shi-jin ( KBS2/ 2015)
  • Six Flying Dragons – Gab-boon ( SBS/ 2015)
  • Mirror of The Witch – Man-wol ( cameo) ( JTBC/ 2016)
  • Lucky Romance – Lee Dan-nim ( MBC/ 2016)
  • Web drama: First Seven Kiss – Min Soo-jin ( Naver TV cast/ 2016)
  • Temperature of Love – Hwang Bo-kyung ( SBS/ 2017)

List of Lee Cho-hee’s Movies

Lee Cho-hee also starred in several movies. Born to Sing was a movie which she received praise for in her role. The movie helped her gain more fans. Here’s a list of movies Lee Cho-hee has played:

  • Short Film: Sun-young’s Letter ( 2001)
  • Short Film: St. Jimi – Ji-mi ( 2009)
  • Bleak Night – Se-jung ( 2011)
  • Broken Pieces ( 2011)
  • Born To Sing – Hyun-ja ( 2013)
  • Short Film: Getting an Orientation ( 2013)
  • Mad Sad Bad ( from segment “ Picnic”) – Cho-hee ( 2014)
  • Short Film: One Summer Night – Ha-neul ( 2014)
  • Salut d’Amour – bank clerk ( 2015)

List of Lee Cho-hee’s Music Videos

lee cho hee

Lee Cho-hee also appears in several music videos. Her first appearance in music video was in 2012 for Yozoh’s music video with title “Flower Pot”. Here lists the music videos Lee Cho-hee has starred in:

  • Yozoh – “Flower Pot” (2012)
  • Jang Kiha and the Faces – “I Almost Had It” (2013)

List of Lee Cho-hee’s Discography

Lee Cho-hee not only played roles in dramas or movies but she has also has contributed to her voice to sing in OSTs for several dramas she has starred in. Here is a short list of the songs she contributed her vocals to:

  • “Song of Chungsan” – Six Flying Dragons OST (ft. Byun Yo-han) (2016)
  • “Believe Only In Your Eyes” – One Summer Night OST (2013)