Profile of Lee Chae-young and Facts

Lee Chae-Young

Get to Know Lee Chae-young

Lee Chae-young is a South Korean actress, model, and host. Lee was born on April 29, 1986, in Seoul with the name Lee Bo-young. She is South Korean actress Song Seung-ah’s younger sister. She made her first debut as a model in 2003 for the hip-hop group Turtle’s music video for “Come On”. In the next year, she appeared in two music videos, and after that, she began to appear in many projects, including dramas, movies, modeling, and hosting.

Her first debut in a drama was in 2007 as Chef Marie in Witch Yoo-hee. She continued to play any role in dramas until her role in the historical drama Iron Empress (2009), where she played the supporting role of Sa Il-la, increased her popularity. She began to host a show with Jeon Hyeon-moo titled Star Golden Bell in 2009. In 2011, she was cast along with Park Han-byul, Lee Tae-im, Jang Ji-eun, and Jun Eun-mi to star in a promotional group for Ocean World Water Park as a group called Ocean Girls. They even released a music video the following year.

Lee Chae-young went to Mirim Girls’ High School and graduated from Dankook University. Her nickname is Little Jang because her appearance resembles actress Jang Jin-young. She is talented in judo, and her hobbies include traveling, inline skating, swimming, and tarot cards.

Dramas of Lee Chae-young

Lee Chae-young has starred in several dramas. Her first drama role was in 2007 when she played in Witch Yoo-hee, and her most remarkable role was when she starred in Iron Empress in 2009. Lee Chae-young also received her first award for her role in the drama Two Mothers. Her new drama A Poem a Day is also gaining a lot of success in 2018. Here is a list of dramas Lee Chae-young appeared in:

  • Witch Yoo-hee as Chef Marie (SBS/ 2007)
  • Find My Son as Song Hee-joo (SBS/ 2007)
  • Iron Empress as Sa Il-la (KBS/ 2009)
  • Soul Special as Min Se-hee
  • Wife Returns as Min Yi-hyun (SBS/ 2009)
  • Comrades as Dan-yeong (MBC/ 2011)
  • Royal Family as Park Min-kyeong (cameo) (MBC/ 2012)
  • The Birth of a Family as Ma Ye-ri (SBS/ 2012 – 2013)
  • Two Mothers as Lee Hwa-young (KBS2/ 2014)
  • More Than a Maid as Ga hee-ah (JTBC/ 2014-2015)
  • The Emperor: Owner of the Mask as Mae-chang (MBC/ 2017)
  • A Poem a Day as Kim Yoon-joo (tvN/ 2018)

Movies of Lee Chae-young

Lee Chae-young has been acting in movies since 2008. Her first role in a movie was when she starred in Life Is Cool in 2008.

  • Life Is Cool as Kim Mi-young (2008)
  • Truck as Han Saet-byeol (2008)
  • Flight as Soo-ah (2009)
  • Bicycle Looking for a Miracle as Yeong-chae (2011)
  • The Grand Heist as Seol-hwa (2012)
  • Secretly, Greatly as Ran (2013)
  • Drama Special: The Devil Rider as Seo-yeon (KBS2/ 2013)
  • The Mirror (2015)

Music Videos

Lee Chae-Young

Lee Chae-young has appeared in many music videos since her debut. She first debuted in Turtle’s music video in 2003 and marked her first appearance in the industry. She also appears in Rain’s music video in 2004 where she portraits a girl who is waiting for him in a restaurant at the end of the video. She also appears in Homme’s music video where she mostly plays a character that gets involved in a love triangle. The following is a list of music videos she has appeared in:

  • Turtle – “Come On” (2003)
  • Rain – “I Do” (2004)
  • Air Rise – “Away” (2004)
  • Yoon Mi-rae – “Did You Forget It” (2007)
  • Natural – “보내는 마음 (Bonaeneun Maeum)” (2008)
  • Lee Soo-young – “I Erase It” (2009)
  • Hwayobi – “Once” (2009)
  • K.Will – “Saranghandan Mareul Mothaeseo” (2009)
  • Rumble Fish – “Namjan Da Geurae” (2010)
  • Kim Dong-hee – “Jugeul Got Gata” (2010)
  • Homme – “I Was Able to Eat” (2010)
  • Ocean Girls – “Ride Now” (2011)
  • Homme – “Man Should Laugh” (2011)

TV Commercials

As a model, Lee Chae-young has appeared in many commercials. Here is a list of Lee Chae-young’s TV commercial appearances:

  • Lotte Confectionery
  • SK Telecom
  • CJ
  • Lihom

Variety Shows

Lee Chae-young began hosting a variety show in 2009 alongside Jeon hyeon-moo as one of the hosts for Star Golden Bell. After that, she hosted several variety shows. Here is the list:

  • Star Golden Bell – Host (2009)
  • A Guy Who Reads Baseball (2010)
  • Wonder Woman (2010)
  • Show Show Show (2011)


Lee Chae-young is also well known as a model for several brands. Here is a list of brands she models for:

  • 11th Street
  • Men’s Health
  • Apple Hip
  • DL1961 Premium Jeans
  • Maxim


Lee Chae-young won Best Supporting Actress at the 2014 KBS Drama Awards for her role in Two Mothers.


Recently, Lee Chae-young received negative comments from netizens for a tweet. She shared a photo of two chubby women queuing at a restaurant with a comment belittling the women. The tweet soon received a lot of attention from netizens that thought her tweet was quite offensive and irresponsible considering her role as a public figure. She then deleted the tweet and replaced it with an apology saying that she will repent for her manners.