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Achievements, Awards, and Nominations


Lee Bo-hee has won a number of awards for her film roles since the 1980s, including Best New Actress for The Green Pine Tree at the 22nd Grand Bell Awards, Best Actress for Eoudong at the 22nd Korea Drama and Film Art Awards, and Best Actress for You My Rose Mellow at the 24th Baeksang Arts Awards. The following are achievements gained by actress Lee Bo-hee since her debut as an ambassador and an actress:

  • 2009: PR Ambassador to Gwangyang City, Jeollanam-do Province
  • 2015: MBC Acting Awards “Best Actress Award” (연기대상 연속극부문 베스트 여자 조연상)
  • 2010: KBS Acting Grand Prize “Actress Award” (연기대상 여자 조연상)
  • 1988: The 8th Korean Film Critics Association Award “Actress Award” (제8회 한국영화평론가협회상 여우주연)
  • 1987: The 23rd Baeksang Arts Grand Prize “Actress Award” (제23회 백상예술대상 영화부문 여자 최우수연기상)
  • 1985: The 21st Baeksang Arts Grand Prize “Actress Award” (제21회 백상예술대상 영화부문 여자 최우수연기상)
  • 1984: The 4th Korean Film Critics Association Award “New Actress Award” (제4회 한국영화평론가협회상 신인여우상)
  • 1983: The 19th Baeksang Arts Grand Prize “New Actress Award” (제19회 백상예술대상 영화부문 여자 신인연기상)
  • 1983: The 22nd Daejong Award “Special Award” (제22회 대종상 특별상)

  • 1983: Haitai Confectionery Food, Haitai Beauty Aloe Gum (Feat. Seo Jung Hee)
  • 1986: Saengdo Apparel Tomboy (성도어패럴 톰보이)
  • 1986: Pigeon VOS Shampoo (피죤 VOS 샴푸)
  • 1986-1987: Gayang Nadeuri Coty Cosmetics (가양 나드리 코티 화장품 (에쿠아 리브레, 그레이스, 버태니컬즈, 오버나잇써세스, SB-3))

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