Profile of Lee Beom-soo: Wife, Movies, Net Worth, Plastic Surgery, and TV Shows

Show & MV Appearances by Actor Lee Beom-soo


Other than KBS The Return of Superman, the actor has also guested in several TV Programs / Shows including :

  • KBS “Family Amusement Hall” (가족오락관) – as Guest
  • SBS “Actual Situation Saturday : X-Man” (실제상황 토요일 : X맨) – as Ep 11-14 Guest
  • MBC “Goal Satisfaction Saturday : Star Survival Doll Season 1” (목표 달성 토요일 : 스타 서바이벌 동거동락 시즌 1) – as Fixed Cast
  • MBC “Golden Fish” (황금어장) – as Ep. 102 Guest
  • SBS “Miracle Audition” (기적의 오디션) – as Judge
  • SBS “2010 : SBS Acting Grand Prize” (2010 SBS 연기대상) – as Host
  • tvN “SNL Korea : Season 4” (시즌 4 17회 호스트) – as 17th Host
  • KBS “Happy Together” (홍길동의 후예, 아이리스2, 총리와 나) – as One of Representatives from Hong Gil Dong, Iris 2, Prime Minister and I
  • KBS “Happy Sunday : The Return of Superman” (해피선데이 – 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다) – as Fixed Cast

And here’s the list of Actor Lee Beom-soo’s appearance on several music videos since his debut in acting world :

Year Artist Title Hangul
2001 Brown Eyes “Already One Year” “벌써 일 년”
2002 Brown Eyes “Little by Little” “점점”
2006 SG Wannabe “Precious History” “사랑가”
2007 SG Wannabe “Arirang” “아리랑”
2008 Kim Jong Wook “Bad Guy” “나쁜 남자”
2009 Lee Seung Cheol “There’s No Such Person” – Movie “More Than Blue” OST “그런 사람 또 없습니다” – 영화 “슬픔보다 더 슬픈 이야기” OST
2011 WE “The Rain” “비가”

Advertisements by Actor Lee Beom-soo


Lee Beom-soo is active in various fields such as being an actor and businessman. Besides being known as someone who often received praise for his masculine manner, he’s also known as a CF model who goes beyond with his ‘mad acting’ and ‘good expression’ on some of his advertisements, such as :

  • Spanish Authentic Outdoor Brand TERNUA (터누아)
  • Nongshim Kellogg (농심켈로그)
  • Bell Pepper Poker (피망 포커)
  • Nongshim Ganglio (농심 강글리오)
  • Lotte Confectionery Sun Chip (롯데제과 썬칩)
  • Woongjin Food My Love Yuzu C (웅진식품 내사랑 유자C)
  • Ottogi Watercress (오뚜기 물냉)
  • Orion Hot Break (오리온 핫브레이크)
  • Lotteria Shrimp Burger (롯데리아 새우버거)
  • Haitai Confectionary Bella Pasta (해태제과 벨라 파스타)
  • Lotte Confectionery Big Waffle (롯데제과 빅와플)
  • SK Telecom Speed ​​011 Coloring (SK 텔레콤 스피드 011 컬러링)
  • LG Telecom OZ (LG 텔레콤 OZ)

Achievements, Awards & Nominations Received by Actor Lee Beom-soo


Lee Beom-soo is one of the most capable and hard working leading men in the South Korean acting world, easily disappearing into any role without a trace and making it memorable and scene-stealing. Thus, he has received many offers as an ambassador and was nominated in several award ceremonies. Take a look at the complete list of his achievements below!

  • 2004 : 14th Chunsa Film Festival Promotion Ambassador (제14회 춘사대상영화제 홍보대사)
  • 2008 : Crime Victim Support Center Public Relations Ambassador (범죄피해자지원센터 홍보대사)
  • 2009 : Goyang World Weightlifting Championship PR Ambassador (고양 세계역도선수권대회 홍보대사)
  • 2010 : Ambassador of the First Asian Development Cooperation (제1회 아시아개발협력회의 홍보대사)
  • 2010 : The 5th Korea Resource Circulation Junk Art Competition Public Relations Ambassador (제5회 대한민국 자원순환 정크아트 공모전 홍보대사)
  • 2010 : Ambassador for Foreign Economic Cooperation Fund (대외경제협력기금 홍보대사)
  • 2011 : Transportation Security Promotion Ambassador (교통안전 홍보대사)
  • 2012 : Ambassador of the Korea Water Resources Corporation (한국수자원공사 아라마리나 홍보대사)
  • 2013 : Smoking Cessation Ambassador (금연 홍보대사)
  • 2013 : Ambassador of Indonesia (인도네시아 홍보대사)
Year Award Category Nominated Work
2007 44th Grand Bell Awards Popularity Award The City of Violence
43rd Baeksang Arts Awards Popularity Award Surgeon Bong Dal Hee
SBS Drama Awards Best Couple Award (with Lee Yo Won)
Top Ten Star Award
Producers’ Choice Award
2008 Mnet 20’s Choice Awards Hot Male Drama Star
2010 SBS Drama Awards Top Excellent Award, Special Planning Drama-Actor Giant
Top Ten Star Award
2013 KBS Drama Awards Best Couple Award (with Im Yoo Na) Prime Minister and I