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Facts & Trivia About Actor Lee Beom-soo’s Family


Some famous people, for whatever personal reason they have, prefer to be married to a spouse who isn’t generally in the limelight. Because being in the spotlight is stressful, and having someone who understands the difficulties is probably a welcome comfort. Take Lee Beom-soo as example, he’s married to a non-celebrity named Lee Yoon-jin. Even though Lee Yoon-jin is his second wife, Lee Beom-soo seems to cherish and have pride for his current family so much that he even decided to show them off through a famous reality show The Return of Superman with his two adorable kids. Keep on reading to get to know about this lovely family!

About Actor Lee Beom-soo’s Wife, Lee Yoon-jin


Lee Bum Soo met Lee Yoon-jin when she became his English teacher. Lee Yoon-jin is a columnist, translator, and the English teacher who helped singer and actor Rain/Bi brush up his English skills. The couple married at the W Seoul Walkerhill Hotel where celebrities like Lee Byung Hun, Kim Bum, Jung Jun Ha, Park Soo Hong, Lee Hwi Jae, Im Chang Jung, Ryeo Won, etc turned up to congratulate him on his wedding.

Lee Yoon-jin was 27 and Lee Beom-soo was 40 at the time. It was the first wedding for Lee Yoon-jin, but the second for Lee Bum Soo. In 2003, he married his colleague named Park So Yoon, but ended up getting divorced only five months later due to family, economic problems, and high-ranking conflicts..

About Actor Lee Beom-soo’s Daughter & Son : The Return of Superman Appearance


After he ended a four-month first marriage in 2003 with Park So Yoon, Lee Beom-soo married Lee Yoon-jin in 2010 and they now have two children. The couple welcomed their first daughter Lee So Eul in March of 2011 and a son in February of 2014. With daughter So Eul and son Da Eul, Lee Beom-soo joined the cast of the popular reality show The Return of Superman in Gangnam as their filming location. At the time, So Eul was 5 year old, meanwhile Da Eul was only 2.

They began filming at the end of January 2016 and wrapped it up a year and 3 months later in May 2017 (Ep 117–182). On their last appearance on the show, both children got to spend some time with their mom’s former student, top celebrity “Rain/Bi” on the set of the movie Uhm Bok Dong. So Eul and Da Eul’s final appearance on the show concluded with a heartfelt message from their father Lee Beom-soo, saying, “Hi, So Eul and Da Eul. When we first started appearing on the show, I thought the two of you would be uncomfortable with filming. However, I’m really thankful that you two were so bright, obedient, and strong. I love you both.”

Here is some trivia about Lee Beom-soo’s children and his family appearances on The Return of Superman:

  • Their first daughter, Lee So Eul (이소을), was born on March 1, 2011.
  • Their second son, Lee Da Eul (이다을), was born on February 21, 2014.
  • So Eul flew to Italy for Italian kids’ clothing brand ‘CUCU LAB’s new 2017 S/S Collection.
  • His family joined The Return of Superman and got the name ‘SoDa family’ who have been loved for many years by people.
  • At first, he had negative thoughts regarding his personal privacy and the appearance of the children to the public, and was not confident he should do it. But after some thought, and with his wife’s support, he felt the preciousness of their bond. He had no choice but to go through it.
  • During EXO’s Chen and Xiumin’s visit with the SoDa siblings on The Return of Superman, Suho talked with the little ones for a few minutes and asked Da Eul what he liked best. Da Eul replied construction vehicles, and Suho, being the good brother, kept his promise to Da Eul and sent both siblings sweet gifts.
  • On May 8, 2017, Beom-soo’s family graduated from the program.
  • He said that he was happy that he was able to grow together with his family, and to be able to share those memorable moments through SoDa and his siblings.
  • He wanted to make special memories for children who grow up differently. He could experience a lot of things through The Return of Superman.

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