Profile of Lee Beom-soo: Wife, Movies, Net Worth, Plastic Surgery, and TV Shows


Actor Lee Beom-soo, the CEO of His Own Agency!

Lee Beom-soo is an actor, filmmaker, and Co-CEO of his current merged agency, Celltrion Entertainment. He made his acting debut in the 1990 film Yes, Let’s Look Up At the Sky Now and Again and started getting known to the public when he starred in the movie Singles (2003), which elevated him into the first rank among movie stars. Altogether, the actor has appeared in more than 20 movies and at least a half-dozen dramas. But it turns out that Lee Beom-soo is also a father of a family who married to a non-celebrity for the second time! Well, who’s this charismatic veteran actor? Let’s find out more about his personal life below!

Full Profile of Actor Lee Beom-soo

  • Name : Lee Beom-soo / Lee Bum Su (이범수)
  • Chinese Name : Yi Pŏmsu
  • Years Active : 1990 – present
  • Occupation : Actor, Model, Businessman
  • Agency : C-JeS Entertainment (2014-2015), Celltrion Entertainment (present ; Co-CEO)
  • Nationality : South Korean
  • Date of Birth : January 3, 1970
  • Place of Birth : Chungcheongbuk, Cheongju, South Korea
  • Chinese Zodiac Sign : Dog (Metal)
  • Western Zodiac Sign : Capricorn
  • Blood Type : AB
  • Height : 167 cm
  • Weight : 62 kg
  • Religion : Protestant
  • Family : Wife (Lee Yoon-jin), Children (Lee Da Eul, Lee So Eul)
  • Education : Cheongju Unho Elementary School (운호초등학교 Graduated in 1982), Sekwang Junior High School (세광중학교 Graduated in 1985), Sekwang Senior High School (세광고등학교 Graduated in 1988), Bachelor of Theater and Film Studies – ChungAng University (중앙대학교 안성캠퍼스 연극학과), Graduate School of Media Studies – Korea University (고려대학교 언론대학원 방송영상학)

Facts & Trivia About Actor Lee Beom-soo : Surgery, Acting, Personality, etc

  • He is a Co-CEO of a South Korean production and artist management company under the Celltrion Group formerly known as Dream E&M which was founded on January 4, 2012, Celltrion Entertainment merged with Lee Beom-soo’s artist management agency Thespis Entertainment in April 2017.
  • According to various sources, Lee Beom-soo’s net worth has grown significantly in 2018. However, the numbers vary depending on the source, and is still under review.
  • He said that he went into the business field to get a feel for what would a success story feel like for a CEO who rose from being a new employee. He was also interested in learning more about the business environment and the treatment of new employees.
  • He was very supportive because he wanted to participate in the entertainment business. He said that he would help people to judge their own future through many experiences and various education.
  • The Korean press has dubbed him as “The Little Giant of Chungmuro” (Korean equivalent of Hollywood).
  • He does whatever it takes to get into character. When he was filming History of a Salaryman, he wanted to experience an office environment firsthand. So, he visited a corporate office to better engage in the role.
  • He said that he felt a lot of pressure when he was working on experiencing the character’s life, but he’d been studying acting so hard that he got confident about acting. He quoted that there is a sense of burden and tension in acting, and there is also a goal to be able to offset it and a goal to make it well.
  • As an actor and a producer, he said that a good actor is someone who worries about the role they play, because it makes them reflect their actions and makes their focus better. He felt that he is very grateful to be able to achieve and to do what he likes until now.
  • There were many times he did not have time to sleep because of his tight schedule, and he would sleep inside his car.
  • He sometimes likes to play a villain, he said that it is good to be able to perform in a big role from the actor’s point of view and it’s a success when the character causes the audiences’ hatred for him. He said the most appropriate example of a villain is Joker because he was more open and free as a villain.
  • He works through the pain. He fractured his finger (left hand) while filming an action scene in the movie God’s Trick and had to go to the emergency room on November 14, 2013. He needed surgery but because his schedule was so hectic, he had to put it off and kept working. He wore a cast but removed it when filming either God’s Trick or The Prime Minister and I.
  • He likes his work because he feels like he is having fun, and that is the most important thing to play a character and give the character charm.
  • He said that if he did not have the skills, he would have fewer ‘games’ (opportunities), so he wants to do well and amuse himself. He was not afraid of what he could or could not do so he could learn more, train more and repeat the cycle.
  • Many of his co-stars said that he’s very charming. When Yoona and Lee Beom-soo were cast together in The Prime Minster and I, some netizens were concerned that the difference in their age would make things awkward between them due to him being 43 and her being 23. But as soon as filming started, Yoona dismissed those concerns. Yoona said that he looked very serious, but he was really charming and has a good sense of humor.
  • He always treats his co-stars very kindly. According to Yoona, he was always cracking jokes and trying to break the ice that, so she felt really comfortable with him despite the age difference.
  • He has campaigned against smoking. He made his directorial debut with a short film titled Puppet that urged people to quit smoking. The actor quit smoking himself in 2002. He served as a promotional ambassador for Korea’s Ministry of Health and Welfare and created the film as part of their anti-smoking campaign.
  • Lee Bum Soo, who studied theater at ChungAng University, is now teaching at Korea University. He directed a low-budget short film that stars the students he teaches.
  • He and Shin Dong Yup served as emcees for Lee Byung Hun’s wedding. When Lee Beom-soo and Lee Yoon-jin married in 2010, Lee Byung Hun was their emcee. So Lee Bum Soo returned the favor.
  • When he was a student at ChungAng University, he had also been a part-time lecturer at the institute, along with Kim Kang Woo, Ha Jung Woo, Kim Dong Wan and Hyun Bin who were his students.
  • He is basically a pleasant person, but tends to be a perfectionist in acting.
  • He owns a EQ900 car.
  • Lee Beom-soo’s father joined the Korean War as a lieutenant who dedicated himself to the country.
  • He loves his children, and he wanted them to think of him like a friend because he got to know his dad in such a way and played with him a lot.  Because of this, he felt a severe loss when his father passed away.
  • He used to follow his mother everywhere she went when he was a child.
  • Being a father has prompted the actor to focus more on health issues that affect children.
  • Lee Beom-soo really respects and loves his father. When his father passed away, he grieved over him and he helped carry his father’s coffin out of the mortuary. Every year he would visit his father with his family.