Profile of Lee Ae-jung and Cause of Her Death


Who Is Actress, Lee Ae-jung?

Lee Ae-jung is a South Korean actress. She began her career after the audition of Little Prince (1999) and became famous for her role in Autumn Fairy Tale (2000). However, she is most well known as the teenager Shin-Ae in the drama Autumn in My Heart. She started her career as a child actress while she was still in elementary school, and in 6th grade appeared in Little Prince (1999) which is usually cited to be her official debut.

She was diagnosed with a brain tumor in July 2006, while in her first semester at Hanyang University, after vising the clinic for a headache. Ae-jung underwent two surgeries at Seoul National University Hospital. Ae-jung Posted on September 6, 2007 at the age of 20, at a countryside hospital where she spent her last days.

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Full Profile about Korean Actress, Lee Ae-jung

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Name : Lee Jung Ae

Date of Birth : March 17, 1987

Date of Death : September 6, 2007

Age : 20 years old

Profession : Actress

Zodiac : Pisces

Lee Ae-jung’s Cause of Death

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Lee Ae-jung died at the age of 20 due to a tumor disease that she suffered from. Lee Ae-jung was diagnosed of a brain tumor in July 2006, while she was in her first semester at Hanyang University. She had visited the clinic for a headache only to find out that she in actuality had a tumor in her brain. Afterward, she underwent surgery twice at Seoul National University Hospital.

It was later reported that Lee Ae-jung wanted to write positive messages to her fans because she did not want others to worry about her. She also uploaded only cheerful pictures on her cyworld in an effort to prevent others from finding out about her condition. There’s no doubt in my mind that she was a sweet, thoughtful and considerate actress.

Thankyou Lee Jung-Ae! Rest In Peace!

Lee Ae-jung Drama List

1. Autumn in my Heart (2000)


Autumn in my Heart is the first drama starring Lee Ae-jung as the younger Shin-Ae, originally played by Han Chae-Young. The drama also starred Song Seung-Heon as Yoon Joon-Seo and Song Hye-Kyo as Yoon Eun-Seo.

This drama tells about a happy life between loving parents and a brother. Her name for the role was Eun-Suh. However, the other was raised by a single parent and was living in poverty. Her name was Shin-Ae. One day Eun-Suh has a car accident and through a blood test it was revealed that Eun-Suh and Shin-Ae were swapped at birth. The girls were returned to their original places. Eun-Suh’s brother Jun-Suh became especially confused and saddened by this. Some years later, Eun-Suh and Shin-Ae bump into each other at the hotel. Eun-Suh is a poor worker and Shin-ae is a hotel manager.

2. Beautiful Days (2001)


In the drama Beautiful Days, Ae-jung plays Shin Jae-Eun. In addition to Ae-jung this drama also stars Lee Byung-Hun as Lee Min-Chul, Ryu Si-Won as Lee Sun-Jae, Choi Ji-Woo as Kim Yun-Soo, and Lee Jung-Hyun as Kim Se-Na.

This drama tells the story of Sun-Jae’s father dying and his wife Jang Myung-Ja marrying Lee Jung-Choon, who worked as an executive at Victory Records. Sun-Jae was disturbed by the whole situation. He believed his mother had had an affair with his step-dad in the past. Furthermore, Sun-Jae also felt that his new siblings, Min-Chul and Min-Ji despised him and their new mother. His new step-brother, is also an executive at Victory Records.