Profile of Kyung Soo-jin and Facts (Drama List, TV Shows, and Plastic Surgery)

Kyung Soo-jin’s TV Shows

1. Kyung Soo-jin on Running Man Episode 224


In addition to Kyung Soo-jin, who participated in Running Man Episode 224, Han Groo, Jeon So-Min, Lee Sung-Kyung and Sohn Ga-Yeon enliven the Running Man episode. The mission is race will deal with the polar opposites in love, and the couple who arrives at the final mission location will be at the greatest advantage to win.

2. Kyung Soo-jin at Running Man Episode 299


In the 299 episode enlivened by Hong Jin-young, Jo Bo-Ah, Kyung Soo-jin, Stephanie Lee, Uhm Hyun-kyung, Yoo In-Young, and Zico. The mission they have to finish in this episode is to turn off the candle by flicking the skirt, making a heart shape on a floating platform in the pool, and choosing the plug where the plug is removed, the TV stays on.

3. Kyung Soo-jin at Running Man Episode 380


In addition to Kyung Soo-jin who enliven the 380 episode, Kang Hana also participated in the Running Man episode. The mission is called ‘Same Money, Different Dreams’. They will be divided into two teams, and through games, the winning team will be determined. Furthermore, the individual in the winning team with the most amount of money will be the final victor.

Kyung Soo-jin’s Ideal Type and Her Real Life


In an interview for anĀ Entertainment Weekly (KBS) program, Kyung Soo-jin said what kind of male criteria she was dreaming of.

According to Soo-jin, she likes men who can look cool without having to push himself. Jokingly, she also added that she thinks actor Cha Seung-Won is the man with the closest criteria to the that one she desires.


According to Soo-jin, her original personality is not very different from the personality of the characters she once played.

She is known as an innocent and kind-hearted artist, and that’s why her agency wants Soo-jin to try all the opportunities in her career, such as being a performer in TV programs, radio broadcasts, or even playing theater, in order to increase his experience and expertise.

We wish for success always for Kyung Soo-jin!