Profile of Kyung Soo-jin and Facts (Drama List, TV Shows, and Plastic Surgery)


Get Closer to Korean Actress, Kyung Soo-jin

Kyung Soo-jin is a South Korean actress famous for her role as Shi-Ho on the drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo. She played her first lead role in TV Novel: Eunhui. She enrolled herself in an event organizing and modeling agency, Starhaus Entertainment. She was groomed and trained under the in-house academy, and eventually became part of some modeling and advertisement campaigns. Once she was done with her training, she started off her career as a model, but soon got her break as an actor in a television series.

She bagged her first award in 2013 under the category TV Novel: Eunhui. She also won an award for Do not Look Back: The Legend of Orpheus. Kyung Soo-jin once again won the Best New Actress Award for the series Plus Nine Boys in 2016.

Let’s get closer to Kyung Soo-jin!

Full Profile of Korean Actress Kyung Soo-jin


Name : Kyung Soo-jin

Date of Birth : December 5, 1987

Age : 31 years old

Profession : Actress

Height : 164 cm

Weight : 46 kg

Zodiac : Sagittarius

Blood Type : N/A

Education : Janggok High School, Namseoul University

Hobbies : Computer, reading, listening to music, collecting wine

Speciality : Swimming, tennis, squash, singing, dancing

Agency : Starhaus Entertainment

Instagram: @love3175989

Did Kyung Soo-jin Have Plastic Surgery?


Kyung Soo-jin is rumored to have had plastic surgery on her face, but there has been no confirmation from Kyung Soo-jin on whether or not she has actually had plastic surgery. But netizens can find difference between Soo-jin’s face when she was younger and now, especially her slightly different lips and nose.


Soo-jin used to have slightly thick lips, but Soo-jin’s lips are now slightly thin. Also, her nose looks more sharp than before. Do you think Soo-jin had plastic surgery? Or is it just the effect of make-up?