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All About Multi-Talented Entertainer, Kyeon Mi-ri

Kyeon Mi-ri is a South Korean actress and singer. She is well known for her antagonistic role in the hit drama Dae Jang Geum in 2003 as Lady Choi. Kyeon Mi-ri is most well known for staring in dramas rather than movies. Kyeon Mi-ri also released a trot album in 2009. Let’s get to know more about Kyeon Mi-ri.


Kyeon Mi-ri: Full Profile and Facts

Kyeon Mi-ri profile


Real Name : Gyeon Mi-ri (견미리)

Birthday : January 27, 1965

Origin : Seoul, South Korea

Zodiac : Aquarius

Height : 159 cm

Weight : 45 kg

Blood Type : A

Religion : Buddhism

Education : Seoul Traditional Arts High School (graduated 1983) | Sejong University – Department of Dance

Relationship Status : Married

Years Active : 1984 – Present



  1. She can speak Korean, English, and Japanese.
  2. She has been married twice. Her first marriage was with actor Im Young-gyu in 1987, but they later divorced in 1993. Her second marriage was with a businessman Lee Hong-heon.
  3. She has a total 3 children, 2 daughter (Lee Yu-bi and Lee Da-in) and 1 son (Lee Ki-baek). From her first marriage, she got 2 daughters who lately have taken her current husband’s surname. Lee Yu-bi and Lee Da-in are both acting, and are still active until now.
  4. She is a part of the Hwanggan Kyeon clan, which makes her a descendant of Gyeon Hwon, who was the first king of the Hubaekje kingdom during the Later Three Kingdoms of Korea.
  5. She made an appearance in a theater play in 1994 titled “남편을 죽이는 서른가지방법”.
  6. She was investigated for stock manipulation with her husband, Lee Hong-heon, and was suspected of insider trading.
  7. She had won 4 awards as an actress. Her first award was through the MBC Drama Awards as Best New Actress from drama Queen Inhyeon on 1988.


Kyeon Mi-ri as a Singer

Kyeon Mi-ri as singer

Kyeon Mi-ri is a multi-talented actress who can also sing. She released an album on July 21, 2009 through LOEN Entertainment. The album is called “Happy Women” and consisted of 10 songs, with the title track 행복한 여자. All of the songs in the album were released as trot genre.

Happy Woman track list
No Track List
1 행복한 여자
2 내 하나의 사람은 가고
3 몰래한 사랑
4 사랑밖엔 난 몰라
5 얄미운 사람
6 갈색추억
7 동반자
8 애인
9 행복한 여자 (Inst.)
10 행복한 여자 (MR)