Profile of Kwon Oh-joong and Family (Wife and Son)

Kwon Oh-joong’s Family

Kwon got married in 1996 when he was only 26 years old. His wife, Uhm Yoon-kyung, is 6 years older than him. He knew his wife through common acquaintances. When Kwon first met his wife in 1993, Kwon said that he was quite disappointed with his wife’s looks. But, Kwon was interested in her body, so he got her number and contacted her again. In 1996, he decided to get married, and built a family at quite a young age. They have a son together named Kwon Hyuk-jun.

In the mid 2000’s, Kwon was known for his lack participation in the entertainment world because he wanted to focus on his family. Kwon’s son was diagnosed with a life threatening disease called muscular disease. When Kwon’s son 7 years old, he was identified having problems with his brain and a development disorder. After that, his son can’t do activities normally because of his disease. Kwon spent his day bathing and schooling his son. Also, because of his son’s disease, Kwon and his wife become devout Christians. He prays diligently and desperately asking for his son to live. Seems like his prayers have been answered. Fortunately, his son’s disease won’t affect his life later. After got this answer, he become more devout Protestant with his grateful heart.

After spending much times with his son, he started to cook to help his son to be healthy. The ingredients that he uses are organic and bought directly from the kitchen garden to obtain non-polluted vegetables. Because cooking become his specialty, he published an essay cookbook to help other people. He also got a certificate as a Korean food chef at a hotel management college.

Kwon Oh-joong’s Career

Kwon made his debut as an actor in the movie A Young Man in 1994 with other actors, such as Lee Jung-jae and Shin Eun-kyung. In the movie, he played a backup dancer. His acting become more known after starring in the drama Miss Ajumma. In the drama, he acted as the lead role. His other famous drama is Empress Ki. Even though Kwon was only a supporting actor, his character captivated viewers too.

Most of his characters are comedic, that’s why his specialty is comedic acting. Surprisingly, his comedic character is still used in the variety shows. In the show I Am a Man, he matches well with Yoo Jae-suk, and became famous for his lustful image. Every time Yoo Jae-suk gives him a lusty joke, Kwon answer it in an unexpected way, and naturally shows off his charm on the show.


Other than acting and variety shows, he is also famous for his social work. In 2002, he founded a foundation named 천사를 돕는 사람들의 모임 (“A Group of Angels Who Help Others”). This foundation is made because of his experience as a dad taking care of his son’s disease, he made this to raise awareness about incurable disease. Kwon also have been involved in a group called Love House. This group is a volunteer group to help repair and build homes for elderly and handicapped people. Because of his work, he become a public relation ambassador for the Korean Assocation of Rare Disease Disorders. Kwon expressed his opinion in the interview with SportsWorld (07/30/2008):

When my son was diagnosed with a rare incurable disease, I had to go through a very difficult for me and my wife. At that time, I decided that I need to be stronger for the people that living in despair, and realized that my talent of acting was just given to help others.”

Until now, he still participating in social works. In 2018, he become public relation ambassador for Habitat for Humanity Korea. This foundation is a nonprofit organization to help giving people a home.


Kwon Oh-joong’s Social Work:

PR Ambassador for the Korean Rare Incurable Disease Association (2001)

Founder of A Group of Angels Who Help Others (2012)

Ambassador of Ministry of Health & Welfare 129 Call Center (2005)

Ambassador of Hope’s Love House (2008)

Ambassador of Fruit of Love (2008)

Korean Ambassador for International The Hungary Initiatives Foundation (2009)

PR Ambassador of Central Family Consignment Support Center Public (2010)

Donation of Korean Physical Training Worker (2010)

Ambassador of International Relief NGO Kia Promotion (2011)

PR Ambassador of Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do (2011)

PR Ambassador of Miller Welfare Foundation (2016)

PR Ambassador of Beautiful Store (2017)

PR Ambassador of Habitat for Humanity (2018)