Profile of Kwon Oh-joong and Family (Wife and Son)

List of Kwon Oh-joong’s Variety Shows

Battle Star Chef (2009)

Movieholic (2011)

Finding Delicious TV – Guest (2012)

Come to Play – Guest (2012)

SNL Korea Season 3 – Guest (2012)

My Wife Doesn’t Know (2013)

Nine to Six Season 1 (2013)

The House (2013)

Hairdressing Room (2014)

Wishing Star (2014)

I am a Man (2014)

Law of the Jungle in Solomon Island – Guest (2014)

Bong Man Dae Ero University (2014-2015)

Live Well and Bonded (2015)

Guide (2015)

This Taste (2015)

Idol Drama – Special Appearance (2017)

The Daughter in-Law in a Strange Country (2018)


List of Kim Oh-joong’s Published Books

Good Eats: Healthy Meal Stories Told by a Dad (2010)

Kwon Oh-joong’s Good Eats: Dad who Become a Chef for Child (2010)


List of Kwon Oh-joong’s Awards

SBS Drama Awards – Popularity Award (1999)

Preceding Award (2005)

Volunteer of the Year Award (2006)

Citation from Ministry of Health and Welfare (2009)

Monthly Spring Water Award (2011)

Health and Welfare Policy Public Relations Award Ceremony by the Minister of Health and Welfare (2012)

20th Korean Culture and Entertaiment Awards: Best Supporting Actor (2012)