Profile of Kwon Oh-joong and Family (Wife and Son)

Kwon Oh-joong

Kwon Oh-joong is a South Korean actor. Kwon made his debut with the movieĀ A Young Man in 1994. He is famous for his comedic and dumb role in the drama and movie. Unlike his role for acting, his character in real life is very different from his image. Surprisingly, he is a loving father and husband to his family. Wanna know more about him? Here’s his profile!

Kwon Oh-joong’s Profile

Name: Kwon Oh-joong

Date of Birth: NovemberĀ  24, 1971

Place of Birth: Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Height: 181 cm

Weight: 78 kg

Blood Type: Type A

Religion: Protestant

Agency: HW Enterprise

Education: Bachelor Metallurgical Engineering Hongik University, Bachelor of Social Welfare Seoul Cyber University


List of Kwon Oh-joong’s Movies

A Young Man (1994)

If It Snows on Christmas (1998)

Tube (2003)

Do You Like Spring Time? (2003)

Reward (2003)

To Catch a Virgin Ghost (2004)

Princess Aurora (2005)

Three Kims (2006)

Bunt (2007)

Love at Sarang (2007)

Miss Gold Digger (2007)

Last Present (2007)

Two Story House Man (2009)

The Forgotten Bag (2010)

One Step – Cameo (2010)

Kong’s Family (2013)

Addiction – Narration (2013)

The Disciple John Oak – Narration (2014)

New Friends – Director (2015)

The Martyrdom (2015)

The Disciple 2 – Narration (2016)

YangYang (2017)


List of Kwon Oh-joong’s Dramas

Love’s Greeting (1994-1995)

TV City (1995)

The Angel Within (1997)

Yesterday (1997)

Soonpoong Clinic (1998-2000)

I Love You, I Love You (1998)

I Love You, I’m Sorry (1998)

Winners (1998)

People’s House (1999)

Love Story (2000)

Good, Good (2000)

Why Can’t We Stop Them? (2000-2002)

Hello! Sparrow (2003)

Damo (2003)

Match Made in Heaven (2004)

Island Village Teacher (2004)

Loveholic Project (2005)

Pingguari (2005)

The Secret Lovers (2005)

Unstoppable High Kick! – Cameo (2006)

Gourmet (2008)

Life is Good (2009)

Freedom Fighter, Lee Heo Young (2010)

The Duo (2011)

Miss Ajumma (2011)

Scent of a Woman (2011)

Arang and the Magistrate (2012)

A Hundred Year’s Inheritance (2013)

Empress Ki (2013)

Modern Farmer – Cameo (2014)

Bravo My Life – Cameo (2017)

Smashing on Your Back – Cameo (2017)

Rude Miss Young-Ae Season 16 – Cameo (2017-2018)