Profile of Kwak Ji-min and Facts


Actress Kwak Ji-min, The Original Cutie-Sexy!

Kwak Ji-min, who made her debut in the entertainment industry through the third installment of the “Whispering Corridors” film series entitled “Wishing Stairs” in 2003, used to be a fantasy honey bee in the past. Recognized as a South Korean female celebrity with a ‘baby’ face and ‘glamorous’ figure, she was considered good at capturing the audience’s attention with her stable acting performances. However, since she tied the knot with an ordinary man, she doesn’t appear as much in the entertainment industry anymore. Keep on reading if you’re curious about her news!

Full Profile of Actress Kwak Ji-min


Name : Kwak Ji-min / Gwak Ji-min (곽지민)
Real Name : Kwak Sun Hee / Gwak Sun Hee (곽선희)
Occupation : Actress
Agency : Lions Bridge (L.B ENT)
Nationality : South Korean
Hometown : Seoul, South Korea
Date of Birth : February 13, 1985
Place of Birth : South Korea
Chinese Zodiac Sign : Ox
Western Zodiac Sign : Aquarius
Blood Type : O
Height : 162 cm
Weight : 45 kg
Religion : N/A
Family : Parents, Husband
Education : Jinsun Girls’ High School (진선여자고등학교), Chung-Ang University – Theater and Film (중앙대학교 안성캠퍼스 연극학과)
Specialty : Acting, Singing
Cyworld : jiminshow
Instagram : jiminshow
Facebook : sunnyjimint

Facts and Trivia About Actress Kwak Ji-min

  • She is the first daughter out of three siblings.
  • She was a pure and young girl that time, but her enthusiasm for acting and her interest in the film were mature. She said that she preferred to be an actress despite being in the top five of her class. She switched to artistic classes when she was in high school.
  • Her image in “Samaria” was so strong because at the age of playing cute and cheerful roles, Kwak Ji-min had to listen to only unusual scenarios.
  • After she read the script of “Samaria”, she told her boss that she couldn’t do that because there were many scenes where she would be exposed while she was content with helping friendship.
  • When her “Samaria” poster first came to the media, her homeroom teacher told her to stop shooting, and even her friends asked her if this what she was looking for when said she wanted to be an actress (to appear in such a movie).
  • Though she shot “Samaria”, she said that she still could not understand why young girls would prostitute themselves. She could not accept that someone was doing it to buy pretty clothes to pay for her cell phone (in the film).
  • When the “Berlin Film Festival” was over, the school principal had called her to congratulate her, and her friends also said that they wanted to see her.
  • People called her ‘the original bagel girl’ (baby-faced glamour girl) Kwak Ji-min.
  • Her co-star in the drama “Wedding Scandal” with whom she had a bed scene, Kim Min Jun, commented that she truly is a ‘bagel’ girl.
  • In some interview when she was in her 10th year of her debut, she confessed that she has never gotten tried of acting like a normal girl who falls in love. “Every time I see romantic comedies, I think I want to be the main character,” she explained.
  • There were past photos from her sexy photoshoots on the internet community bulletin
    board, including nude pictures from the underwater, photographs of her in a bikini, and
    photographs of her lying down on the bed. As you can see in the photos below, she boasts a cute face and a busty breasts that are opposite to each other.
  • Before she became an actress, she heard a lot about her being pretty. But after she became an actress, she did not feel herself being pretty and she felt down when looking at the other good-looking actors and actresses.
  • She thought that she had to work harder because she wanted to be an actress who wears good clothes when she grew older.
  • She wanted to take on a lot of roles that are appropriate for her age, and wanted to do a lot of unusual things while she was at it.
  • Nicole Kidman and Jodie Foster are her role models as an actress.
  • She wanted to be an actress who can digest a wide variety of performances.
  • Her friends said that she has a very meticulous personality. They knew that she would build a happy family someday.

Awards and Achievements by Actress Kwak Ji-min

  • 2012 : 20th Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards: Excellence Award, Actress in Film (Wedding Scandal).
  • 2004 : 5th Busan Film Critics Awards: Best New Actress (Samaritan Girl / Samaria).
  • Her short appearance on hit drama series “Good Doctor” attracts attention. She was
    given a role as someone who was suffering from a cyst in the fetus, as she made a
    strong impression on the viewers by expressing the pathetic maternal love that
    struggles to protect her child.
  • In 2008, she released a single album under the name ‘Ji-min’. Among the songs, there was also a remake of “Sweet Dream” by Jang Na Ra.

Actress Kwak Ji-min and Her Revealing Clothes


Whenever you see Kwak Ji-min on the screen, she seems to exude an innocent aura, but overwhelmingly sexy charms with her glamorous figure and sweet girlish face. On 14 July, 2011, during the 15th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan 2011) red carpet ceremony held at Bucheon Gymnasium, Kwak Ji-min’s dress gave a striking impression with her black see-through. Her unconventional dress nearly exposed her breasts, but looked good and was welcomed by the audiences and media (pictures above). The dress with deep exposed V neckline displayed her cleavage in a harmonic fashion. The dress was designed for explicit frontal exposure with several chains at the back for a tinge of glamorous detail. The skirt was also effectively cut to highlight the legs better than mini dress. Netizens description of ‘no different with all nude’ and ‘shocking beyond imagination’ have showed their hot reactions.

With the revealing dress, she almost suffered a ‘malfunction’ when her tail skirt was caught in the heel, causing the actress to almost lost her balance on the red carpet. Fortunately, no disaster occurred to expose her even more, to the dismay of the public. Not long after, the actress solidified her position as a ‘bagel woman’ by showing her sexy face and glamorous body in provocative sexy in the picture of Esquire magazine in September 2012.