Profile of Korean Actress Seo Seung-ah: Her Family, Movies, and Drama List

Seo Seung-ah’s Marriage & Pregnancy

In October 2011, there was happy news regarding Seo Seung-ah. She was pregnant and scheduled to give birth at the end of the year. The public celebrated the happy news and congratulated her.

On the mini homepage of Seo Seung-ah’s personal account, she shared wedding photos prior to her marriage, on the wedding day, and also of the fetus’s ultrasound, and she was excited as a preliminary mother. She named her baby Eve.

Seo Seung-ah married Jeong Jin-su who resembles actor Park Shin-yang. This attracted some attention from guests who went to her wedding ceremony. Their wedding was held in Seoul in September 2011 and was attended by family members and acquaintances, including her sister Lee Chae-young who is a talented actress in South Korea. 2AM’s Changmin also attended her wedding.

Seo Seung-ah uploaded an ultrasound picture and said, “Eve, Mom’s body is getting round and round. Mom is surprised when you move a little bit. I had a dream to meet you when I took a nap. All babies are like angels, but Mom is in a good mood. I want to see you soon, we love Eve.” She expressed her love for the child.

This is all the information about actress Seo Seung-ah that we can give to you! Meanwhile, in regards to Seo Seung-ah’s career, she is currently not working as an actress but as a VJ. Let us hope for the best for Seo Seung-ah’s life after becoming a wife and mother!