Profile of Korean Actress Seo Seung-ah: Her Family, Movies, and Drama List

Who is Seo Seung-ah?

Seo Seung-ah is a South Korean actress that made her debut in the entertainment industry in the early 2000s.

Let’s check out her profile below to get to know more about her!

Actress Seo Seung-ah’s Profile

Real Name: Lee Na-young (이나영)

Stage Name: Seo Seung-ah (서승아)

Birth: Seoul, South Korea, December 8th, 1983

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Height: 165 cm

Occupation: Actress & Video Jockey

Marital Status: Married

Spouse: Jeong Jin-su

Siblings: Lee Chae-young (Younger Sister)

Seo Seung-ah’s Filmography

Television Dramas

Song Seung-ah starred in the drama School 4 (Hangul: 학교 4) which aired on KBS. The drama was directed by Jeong Hae-ryeong and Hwang Ui-kyeong while the scriptwriters were Jin Soo-wan, Lee Hyang-hee, Moon Eun-ah, and Jo Jung-sun.

School 4 was released on April 8, 2001, and aired until March 31, 2002, with a total of 48 episodes. The drama was originally made as a sequel to the dramas School 1 (Hangul: 학교 1) which aired in 1999, School 2 (학교 2) which aired from 1999-2000, School 3 (학교 3) which aired from 2000-2001, and has been followed by the latest sequels School 2013 (학교 2013) which aired from 2012-2013, Who Are You: School 2015 (후아유: 학교 2015) which aired in 2015, and School 2017 (학교 2017) which aired in 2017.

School 4 starred some of the top South Korean actresses and actors such as Lim Soo-jung, Jo Min-gi, Kim Mi-hee, Kim Bo-kyeong, and many more. Seo Seung-ah wasn’t chosen as the main or lead cast in this drama, but she appeared as a cameo along with South Korean top actor Gong Yoo.


Song Seung-ah starred in the movie Running 7 Dogs (Hangul: 7인의 새벽) which was directed and written by Kim Joo-man. The movie released on January 20th, 2001, with a duration of 97 minutes.

The plot of Running 7 Dogs follows a part-time taxi driver and a full-time one that have their own lives with their lovers before one day trouble comes and they have a car accident. Actor Jung Eun-chan starred as Ki-hoon, the lead role of this movie, and was paired with actress Lee Ji-hyun who starred as Hyun-hee. The trouble started with a corrupt businessman’s mistress and her lover being chased by hitmen and the cops because they ran out with money from a dirty fund and hopped in Ki-hoon’s taxi. The man being chased is killed on the spot from the cash of Ki-hoon’s taxi. Thinking about how lucky he is to get a large amount of money, he takes the cash to his lover, Hyun-hee, who works in a convenience store. The hitmen and cops are looking for the evidence, which is the money that Ki-hoon took to Hyun-hee, and he becomes wanted by the police for taking, and unfortunate things begin happening at the convenience store.

Seo Seung-ah’s Relationship & Marriage

Seo Seung-ah had a relationship with actor Ahn Yong-joon who was popular for his appearance in the drama Tunnel (2017) which aired on OCN, and he played as the character of Kim Hee-joon, a cameo in episode 8.

The couple admitted their relationship to the public in 2008. Seo Seung-ah is Ahn Yong-joon’s senior of about 4 years, and it was confirmed by Ahn Yong-joon’s representative from his agent who said that the actor felt sorry for his feelings towards Seo Seung-ah that developed to more than just friendship.

Back then, Seo Seung-ah and Ahn Yong-joon were still young entertainers. They met each other at a birthday party in 2007, and it turned out that they matched each other and began their romantic relationship. It was revealed by Ahn Yong-joon when he guest starred on Star Golden Bell on KBS2TV and then by actress Lee Chae-young, Seo Seung-ah’s sister, who said that he is her sister’s boyfriend.

Seo Seung-ah and Ahn Yong-joon broke up 3-4 months after their dating news became public with no specific reason. Ahn Yong-joon’s agency confirmed the breakup and the actor also addressed the split on his personal Cyworld account.