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Kim In Kwon

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Kim In-kwon is a South Korean actor. He’s debuted as an actor in 1999 with his first lead role in He’s On Duty (2010), followed by Almost Che (2012), Born To Sing (2013), Apostle (2014), Clown Of A Salesman (2015), and Rose Of Betrayal (2018). He’s also known for playing supporting characters, such as Miss Gold Digger (2007) as law student, Tazza: The Hidden Card (2014) as older brother, and many more. Kim In-kwon also directed and starred in 2002 short film “Shivski”.

Full Profile Of Kim In-kwon

Kim In Kwon
  • Real Name: Kim In-kwon
  • Hangul: 김인권 (Gim In-Gwon)
  • Birthdate: January 20, 1978
  • Birth Place: Busan, South Korea
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Star Sign: Aquarius
  • Age: 40 (International Age) / 41 (Korean Age)
  • Height: 5′ 9″ (175 cm)
  • Weight: 63 kg
  • Blood Type: O
  • Profession: Actor
  • Education: Theater and Film – Dongguk University
  • Talent Agency: YNK Entertainment

Kim In-kwon’s Filmography


Kim In Kwon

Kim In-kwon’s Movies 

Year Title Role
2018 Monstrum  Sung Han
2018 Rose Of Betrayal Byung Nam (main role)
2018 Be-Bop-A-Lula Min Guk
2017 Daddy You, Daughter Me Taxi Driver (cameo)
2017 Soon Yi Baek Dong Po
2016 The Map Against The World Ba Woo
2015 The Himalayas Park Jung Bok
2015 Clown Of a Salesman Il Bum (main role)
2015 C’est si bon Jo Yeong Nam
2014 Tazza: The Hidden Card Heo Gwang Chul (Mi Na’s older brother)
2014 The Divine Move Kkongsoo
2014 Apostle Joo Chul Ho (main role)
2013 Born To Sing  Bong Nam (main role)
2012 The Tower Oh Byung Man
2012 Almost Che Kang Dae Oh (Main Role)
2012 Masquerade Warrior Do
2011 My Way Jong Dae
2011 Quick Kim Myung Sik
2010 Haunters loan shark
2010 He’s On Duty Bang Tae Sik / Bang Ga (Main Role)
2009 Secret Seok Jun
2009 Haeundae Dong Chun
2008 Fate Jung Do Hwan
2007 Miss Gold Digger Kim Yun Cheol (law student)
2007 My Father Shin Yo Sub
2007 Two Faces of My Girlfriend Gu Chang’s friend
2004 Love So Divine Shin Seon Dal
2004 Once Upon a Time in High School Jik Sae
2003 My Wife Is a Gangster 2 Koh Yong Man
2003 A Man Who Went to Mars Ho Geol
2003 Plastic Tree Su
2003 Please Teach Me English Sergeant (cameo)
2002 H Huh Young Taek
2001 Ciao (Support Role)
2001 My Wife Is a Gangster Banse / Koh Yong Man
2000 Taxi of Terror (Support Role)
2000 Anarchists Sang Gu
2000 Peppermint Candy Sergeant Lee
1999 Rainbow Trout Tae Ju


Kim In-kwon’s Dramas

Year Title Role Network
2017 Criminal Minds An Sang Chul tvN
2017 The Liar and His Lover Teacher Bong tvN
2016 Please Come Back, Mister Kim Young Soo SBS
2012-2013 Childless Comfort So Yeong’s blind date man(cameo) JTBC
2010 I Live Without Anything Shin Byung Dae MBC
2009 You’re Beautiful Ma Hoon Yi (Mi Nam’s manager) SBS
2007 Surgeon Bong Dal Hee Park Jae Bum SBS
2004 New Human Market Sang Goo SBS
2004 Good Morning Gong Ja
Go Kang Seok MBC
2003 Detectives (support role) SBS
2003 The Bean Chaff Of My Life Jang Sang Doo MBC
2000 Medical Center Noh Kang Han SBS


Kim In-kwon’s Variety Shows

Year Title Network
2011 Saturday Night Live Korea tvN
2000 Star Survival Dong-Geo Dong-Rak MBC

Kim In-kwon’s Social Media & Official Websites

Kim In Kwon

Kim In-kwon’s Awards

Kim In Kwon
  • 2003 KBS Drama Awards in Best Actor in One-Act / Special Drama
  • 2009 Best Actor in 18th Annual Buil Film Awards in Haeundae
  • 2012 3rd KOFRA Film Awards in Best Supporting Actor in My Way
  • 2015 Korean Film Actor’s Association Awards in Top Supporting Actor Award in C’est Si Bon
  • 2015 The Night Of Stars – Korea Top Stars Awards
  • 2016 Golden Cinematography Awards in Best Supporting Actor in The Himalayas
  • 2016 Scene Stealer Festival Awards
  • 2016 36th Korea Gold Awards Festival in Best Supporting Actor
  • 2017 22nd Chunsa Film Art Awards in Popularity Award

Kim In-kwon’s Advertisements

Kim In Kwon
  • 2009 – QOOK
  • 2011 – Good Downloader (굿다운로더 선녀와 나무꾼)