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Kim Ye-won, Multitalented Actress from JYP Actors!

Best known as an actress with distinctive and loud voice, Kim Ye-won has been actively working as a radio DJ as well. Before she changed her name to ‘Kim Ye-won’, she performed under her stage name ‘Kim Shin Ah’ for her previous projects. She started using ‘Kim Ye-won’ as her stage name during her appearance in “Romance Town” in 2011. The actress changed from MGB Entertainment agency to JYP Entertainment in 2015 as one of JYP actors alongside Choi Woo Shik, Yoon Bak, Song Ha Yoon, and many others.

Although her specialty is playing quirky yet charming characters in romantic comedies, it appears that she also possesses the quality of being a musical actress, thanks to her ability to sing. She has also been involved in original drama soundtracks under her ‘Kim Shin Ah’ name. Without further ado, let’s take a look at her profile and other interesting facts about Actress Kim Ye-won!

Full Profile of Actress Kim Ye-won

Actress Name : Kim Ye-won (김예원/金叡園)
Real name: Kim Yoo Bin (김유빈)
Formerly known as : Kim Shin Ah (김신아)
Profession : Actress, Singer
Debut : 2008
Agency : MGB Entertainment (past), JYP Entertainment (present)
Nationality : South Korean
Date of Birth : December 11, 1987
Place of Birth : Seongnam, Gyeonggi- do, South Korea
Height : 168 cm
Weight : 48 kg
Blood Type : O
Chinese Zodiac Sign : Fire Rabbit
Western Zodiac Sign : Sagittarius
Education : Chung-Ang University (Department of Theater and Cinema)
Hobbies : Singing, Piano
Specialties : Modern dance, jazz dance, ballet
Family : Parents

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Kim Ye-won: Trivia and Facts
  • Born as ‘Kim Yoo Bin’, the actress changed her name from ‘Kim Shin Ah’ to ‘Kim Ye-won’. Unfortunately, she is often confused with the singer-actress Kim Yewon (former girl group JEWELRY), and a child actress who also has the same name.
  • In May 2015, she signed exclusive contract with JYP. She said, “JYP is a good place to develop myself in various fields from acting to music as well as being good. I hope to be able to show a broad spectrum of performances in various works with a more advanced appearance than before“. She has her own distinctive color and strong acting ability, as well as the ability to perform from song to song based on JYP’s know-how and network.
  • She has been praised for achieving a successful acting transformation by taking on a different role with his character, which has been largely digested and has a strong character.
  • Her Ice Bucket Challenge video was a topic because it revealed her sensual body.
  • She started KBS Cool FM as DJ Kim Ye-won, responsible for late night radio. With witty comments, she received the fans’ love and became a popular DJ. And because of this job she has become very close to the artists she invites to her program.
  • She had a dream of becoming a radio DJ from childhood. “I want to create an evening of comfort to listeners through various charms“.
  • She became a big topic by appearing as a masked king named ‘Orange That Wears Feathers’. On the show MBC’s “King of Mask Singer”, she sang “Man and Woman” (남과 여), “The Lost Umbrella” (잃어버린 우산), and “Fate” (인연). She was eliminated in the final battle, beated by EXID’s Solji.
  • She started to learn dancing in earnest from the first year of junior high school. However, in the second year of high school, she injured her ankle and was forced to quit dance. It was the first of the trials and sufferings in her life. She thought that she could live as a dancer for a lifetime, but the reality made it hard for young Kim Ye-won.
  • When asked about true love she responded, “I have to be careful when I meet someone. Before you dive and jump in, you have to know if this is water or fire. Though it is a cliche, it seems that ‘true’ is the right answer to love“.
  • She is said to be a flower-like DJ due to her cheerful tone and good reputation in singing career.
  • Some reporter who interviewed her described Kim Ye-won as a ‘heavenly woman’, full of feminine and calm charm, rather than a four-dimensional.
  • She is not a good drinker.
  • I have experienced many works and genres, but I still have not found the answer. The thirst for the role is bigger than the recognition, and I have been running without resting“.
  • During the musical of “Jack the Ripper” performance, her forehead was hit by a wooden plank. But she continued the next scene, while the blood flowed, and recieved first aid at the intermission.
  • She admires actor Jo Jung Suk.
  • On the March 8, 2018, of KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together 3”, Kim Ye-won joined the show as one of the guests and revealed that Jo Se Ho tried to ask her out 10 years ago in Dongdaemun.

List of Kim Ye-won’s Drama Appearances

She began acting in 2008 when she appeared in the comedy movie “A Tale of Legendary Libido”. Then, in 2009, she appeared in her first drama series, which was called “Hometown Legends”, and told the tales of different scary Korean legends. In 2011, she took a role on the show “Romance Town”, which was a hit with fans and helped to boost her career. She followed up this success by acting in the drama “Flower Boy Ramen Shop”, which also became extremely popular, and the fame of the show made her a true star.

Year Title Role Network
2009 Hometown of Legends “Kiss of the Vampire” Cho Ah KBS2
2010 Chosun Police Season 3 Jin Geum Hong
(guest, ep. 1)
MBC Dramanet
2011 Romance Town Thu Zar Lin KBS2
Flower Boy Ramen Shop Kang Dong Joo tvN
2012 Operation Proposal Yoo Chae Ri TV Chosun
I Need Romance 2012 Kang Na Hyun tvN
The Innocent Man Kim Yoo Ra KBS2
Drama Special “Art” Writer Oh
Drama Special “My Wife’s First Love” Natalie
2013 Pots of Gold Kwak Min Jung MBC
Who Are You? Jang Hee Bin tvN
Bel Ami Electric Fairy KBS2
2014 Into the Flames Young Kumiko TV Chosun
Only Love Hong Mi Rae SBS
2016 Don’t Dare to Dream Na Joo Hee
2017 Tomorrow, With You Lee Gun Sok tvN
Suspicious Partner Na Ji Hae SBS
Revolutionary Love Ha Yeon Hee tvN
Drama Stage – Assistant Manager Park’s Private Life Choi Bo Min
2018 Rich Man Min Tae Ah MBN