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List of the Top 5 Kim Seung-woo Dramas

1. Rosemary (2003)


Rosemary is the drama that made Kim Seubf-Woo a famous actor. The drama was written by Song Ji-Na and directed by Lee Gun-Joon and aired by KBS for a total of 18 episodes. The drama stars Kim Seung-woo as Choi Young-Do, Yoo Ho-Jeong as Lee Jung-Yeon, and Bae Doo-Na as Shin Kyoung-Su.

This drama is about a housewife, with her husband and 2 adorable children, who is diagnosed with a fatal disease. From then on, the housewife begins to prepare her family for life without her. Husband Choi Young-Do watches his wife grow more ill and regrets his past behavior. A young woman named Shin Kyoung-Su, with the encouragement of housewife Lee Jung-Yeon, becoming a mother to two children.

2. Perfect Neighbor (2007)


Perfect Neighbor is a drama written by Jung Ji-Woo and directed by Jo Nam-Guk aired by SBS with a total of 20 episodes. The drama stars Kim Seung-woo as Baek Soo-Chan, Bae Doo-Na as Jung Yoon-Hee , Park Si-Hoo as Yoo Joon-Suk, and Wang Ji-Hye as Ko Hye-Mi.

This drama is about Mi-Hee, who brings her sister Yoon-Hee along to a trip to Cambodia after hearing that Soo-Chan, a former handsome con artist who became a promising college lecturer, is going to travel to Cambodia to play golf. But when she sees Soo-Chan with another woman at the airport, she becomes very disappointed.

While on his way to marry a bride in Cambodia, Deok-Gil meets Soo-Chan, the man who ruined his life, at the airport. Not only does he end up in a bad mood because of seeing Soo-Chan, but to make matters worse, he is stuck in the economy class section while Soo-Chan is with a rich woman up in the business class.

3. Athena: Goddess of War (2010)


Athena: Goddess of War is a drama written by Kim Hyun-joon and Yoo Nam-Gyung and directed by Kim Young-joon, Kim Tae-Hoon, Hwang Jung-Hyun aired by SBS with a total of 20 episodes. In this drama, Kim Seung -Woo plays Park Cheol-Yeong. In addition, the drama also stars Super Junior’s Siwon as Kim Joon Ho, Cha Seung-Won as Son-Hyuk, and Soo-Ae as Yoon Hye-In.

The drama is about the Korean peninsula’s attempts to reunify. The South Korean government, which needs enormous funds for the unification to succeed, develops a landmark new technology called the TWR. The TWR is a high speed nuclear reactor and other countries want the technology.

To prevent terror in the aftermath of the TWR breakthrough, the government establishes a new organization named NTS (National Anti-Terror Service). Someone is transferred to the NTS group from the NIS. He’s excited about the transfer and hopes to live the life of a real agent, but then discovers his main responsibility is to watch the North Korean defectors.

4. The 3rd Hospital (2012)

3rd hospital

The 3rd Hospital is a drama written by Sung Jin-Mi and directed by Kim Young-joon, Kim Sol-Mae, Myung Hyun-Woo which aired by tvN with a total of 20 episodes. The drama stars Kim Seung-woo as Kim Doo- Hyun, Oh Ji-Ho as Kim Seung-Hyun, Kim Min-Jung as Jin Hye-In, and Sooyoung as Lee Ui-Jin.

This drama is about the Seohan National Medical Center that opens in South Korea. The hospital is first of its kind to combine western medicine and traditional oriental medicine. On his way to the hospital’s opening ceremony, Dr. Doo-Hyun saves an injured person in car accident. Seung-Hyun begins work as an oriental doctor at the hospital and saves a child’s life by implementing a western medical procedure. Because Seung-Hyun is not licensed to perform western medical procedures, the other western medical doctors are protest in anger.

5. Late Night Restaurant (2015)


Late Night Restaurant was the last drama before Kim Seung-woo decided to go on hiatus. The drama is written by Yaro Abe (manga), Choi Dae-Woong, Hong Yoon-Hee and directed by Hwang In-Roe. It was aired by SBS with a total of 20 episodes.

This drama is about a late night restaurant that opens at midnight and closes at 7am. The owner and chef of the restaurant makes whatever his customers ask for.