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List of the Top 5 Kim Seung-woo Movies

1. Secret Tears (2000)


Secret Tears is a film released on June 3, 2000 with a duration of 105 minutes. The film was written and directed by Park Ki-Hyung. In this film, Kang Seung-Woo plays the main actor Gu-Ho, along with Mi-jo Yun as Mi-Jo, and Hyeon-woo Jeong as Hyeon-Nam.

This film is about Gu-ho, who is more than a little tipsy, and his two friends, Hyeon-Nam and his girlfriend Do-kyung, accidentally run down a young girl, Mi-Jo whilst driving home from a bar. The impact of the car is so hard that her body is literally thrown into the water, and she is knocked unconscious. In-time honoured horror movie tradition, Gu-Ho wants to take the girl to a hospital, but Hyeon-Nam tries to persuade him to leave her behind at the scene as a hit-and-run.

While they are deciding, though, the girl opens her eyes and something very strange happening between her and Gu-Ho. Eventually, he elects not to just dump her and run, and decides to take her to the hospital the next day. Checking through her pockets for some form of ID, the driver finds a bunch of keys with a picture keyring on it, featuring a photo of the girl with a friend about the same age, and a gold ring, hidden away in a handkerchief.

2. Spring Breeze (2003)


Spring Breeze is a film written and directed by Jang Hang-Jun which was released on September 5, 2003 with a duration of 113 minutes. In the film, Spring Breeze, Kim Seung-woo stars as Seon-Guk, Kim Jung-Eun as Hwa-Jung, and Kim Kyeong-Beom as Hee-Goo.

This film is about Seon-Guk, who is kicked out from his own bedroom on the second floor of his own house. And, Hwa-Jung moves in. With everything else gone wrong in his life, when Hwa-Jung abruptly enters his life uninvited, he completely loses the control of everything and everyone around him. All the rules he had set up Stingy-Man, are completely shattered. Now, with this unwanted intruder, his house becomes a never-ending party house with unauthorized usage of the heater! Plus, even his naive apprentice falls for her charms.

3. IRIS : The Movie (2010)


IRIS: The Movie is a fairly popular film in 2010 directed by Yang Yun-Ho and Kim Kyu-Tae which was released on November 22, 2010. In addition to starring Kim Seung-woo as Park Cheol-Yeong, the movie also stars Lee Byung-Hun as Kim Hyun-joon, Kim Tae-Hee as Choi Seung-Hee, and Kim So-Yeon as Kim Sun-Hwa.

This film is about how Korea, the last sent nation on earth, is constantly under politics and military tension with the surrounding countries especially with the North Korean nuclear issue. To avoid the second Korean War, the secret service agency NSS exists for the national security on the Korean peninsula.

NSS Special agents are trained to fulfill their mission. They do not exist and are not acknowledged or protected by the government. Although they are trained to be cold-blooded killers, there is one taboo they can not avoid; that is love.

3. 71: Into the Fire (2010)

71 into the fire

71: Into the Fire is a pretty tense movie, written by John H. Lee, Lee Man-Hee, and Kim Dong-Woo and directed by John H. Lee. It was released on June 16, 2010 with a duration of 120 minutes. In addition to starring Kim Seung-woo as Kang Suk-Dae, the film also stars Cha Seung-Won as Park Mu-Rang, Kwon Sang-Woo as Ku Kap-Jo, and T.O.P as Oh Jung-Bum.

This film is about the Korean soldiers in front of the Korean War on June 25, 1950. Kap-Jo was formerly a student who was convicted of murder. While serving his sentence he volunteers to fight as a soldier. The film is based on true story.

4. I am Father (2011)


I am Father is a film written by Yoon Hyun-Ho and directed by Jeon Man-Bae and Lee Se-Young, which was released on April 14, 2011 with a duration of 99 minutes. In this film, Kim Seung-woo plays Han Jong-Sik, Han Jong-Sik as Na Sang-Man, and Kim Sae-Ron as Han Min-Ji.

This film is about Han Jong-Sik is a corrupt cop. He also has a sick daughter named Min-Ji. For Min-Ji, Jong-Sik frames innocent people and does favors for the mob. One day, organ transplant coordinator Soo-Kyung locates a heart for Min-Ji. But the guardian for the heart is the magician Na Sang-Man. Na Sang-Man was falsely accused of a crime by Jong-Sik and sent to prison.

Meanwhile, Jong-Sik’s colleague Detective Kim has doubts about Sang-Man’s case. Detective Kim then discovers evidence that reveals the real criminal.

5. Chasing (2016)


Chasing is a film that recently starred Kim Seung-woo. The film was written by Oh In-Chul and Kim Seung-woo, and directed by Oh In-Chul. It was released on January 7, 2016 with a duration of 96 minutes. In this film, Kim Seung-woo plays Seung-Joo.

The film is about a CEO and a detective named Jung-Taek. They have known each other for 20 years.

One night, Seung-Joo loses his cellphone to four male high-school students and Jung-Taek loses his gun to the same high-school students. Seung-Joo and Jung-Taek’s cellphone and gun are very valuable. The two men must get their items back from the high school students.