Profile of Kim Seung-woo, and Facts (Wedding, Wife, Daughter, Family, Movies, and TV Shows)


Get Closer with Korean Actor, Kim Seung-woo

If you watch a variety show broadcasted by KBS2, 2 Days and 1 Night, you are no stranger to one of its members, Kim Seung-woo. He was a regular cast member on the variety shows 2 Days and 1 Night. Kim Seung-woo debuted as an actor from 1990 till now, besides being an actor he is also believed to be a talk show host on various variety shows.

Kim Seung-woo is married to actress Kim Nam-Joo in 2005 and has two childrens, Kim Ra-Hui and Kim Chan-Hui. He has worked in Entertainment World for 28 years since he was 21 years old, has received many awards, such as his first award in 1998 as Top Excellence Award and Actor at MBC Drama Awards and his last award in 2012 as Top Excellence Award and Male MC in a Variety Show at KBS Drama Awards. Let’s see the full profile about Kim Seung-woo!

Full Profile about Korean Actor, Kim Seung-woo


Name : Kim Seung Woo

Nickname : Stone, MilkyBoy

Date of Birth : February 24, 1969

Age : 49 years old

Profession : Actor and Host of Variety Show

Height : 180 cm

Weight : 71 kg

Blood Type : A

Zodiac : Pisces

Agency : THE Queen AMC

Kim Seung-woo’s Wedding with Korean Actress


Kim Seung-woo officially married with actress Kim Nam-Joo on May 5, 2005 in Sheraton Grand Walkerhill Hotel Vista Hall, Gwangjang-dong Seoul. Their marriage is not very fancy and only invites their closest relatives as well as their families. They have no problem with their status as actors and actresses, they can still share their time with their children.

In an interview, they said, “as the parents of two children, Kim Seung-woo and Kim Nam-Joo create a wonderful family together and are also seen as a top couple in the entertainment industry. They have a very good image to the public and fits well with what we want to convey. This is the first time that Kim Seung-woo and Kim Nam-Joo will appear together in a commercial, and we expect them to be loved the consumers.”


Before deciding to get married, they had dated more than a year until finally decided to get married. Kim Nam-Joo said, “I want my husband to think of me as a friend as he does now.” She admits that their marriage has not always been easy, “dating was fun, early marriage was hard,” she said.

Kim Nam-Joo took her time off from her career but she, after 8 years hiatus, returned to her career as an actress. She said, “after living as a full-time housewife for several years, I realized that love is the most important thing in marriage, and the most precious thing in the family is the good health of its members.”


Despite being preoccupied with the filming schedule of a drama, Kim Seung-woo said that he is happy if his wife is busy. Kim Nam-Joo also happy to be back and is still passionate about acting. Although it is difficult to leave her two childrens at home in order to come to work, she hopes they will be proud of their working mom in the future.

May you love each other forever!

Fun Fact about Kim Seung-woo’s Daughter and His Family


The marriage of Kim Seung-woo and Kim Nam-Joo in 2005 was endowed with two children, women and men. Their first child was a girl who was born November 2, 2005 and was named Kim Ra-Hui and their second child was born on March 5, 2008 and was named Kim Cha-Hui.

Even though the lives of both are artists, they do not forget their responsibilities as parents and always pay attention to the development of their childrens. Kim Nam-Joo even made a small garden behind their house that used to play his childrens. She is very concerned about the growth of his children, even every night Kim Nam-Joo read Jewish books to educate her childrens.

In addition, the shocking fact about Kim Ra-Hui is that girls from Kim Seung-woo and Kim Nam-Joo belong to the 5% children with extraordinary talent, even he is also among the top 1% of children with academic intelligence. The two children Kim Seung-woo and Kim Nam-Joo are students at the famous elementary school.


Kim Seung-woo and Kim Nam-Joo cost around 10 million won each year to finance their two school children, not just learning Kim Ra-Hui and Kim Cha-Hui taught about manners, sports, English, and other subjects.

In 2015, Kim Seung-woo and Kim Nam-Joo celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. During the interview, Kim Nam-Joo revealed why she chose her own home as the location for the photoshoot. She explained. “Initially to celebrate the anniversary, I contemplated going abroad or to a secluded island. This is the most important space for our family. that happened with them in this house.”


She continued, “In the past ten years, my husband and I have taken a couple of years in the yard. But we’ve spent years in this house together with the children and that’s meaningful.”

Have a happy family always!