Profile of South Korean Equestrian and Actor Kim Seok

Kim Seok equestrian

All About Kim Seok, Equestrian and Actor

Kim Seok is a former South Korean actor, before he became equestrian and joined the national team for horseback riding in 2009. He made a remarkable appearance as an actor and appeared on several hit dramas. Kim Seok’s horseback riding skills are also amazing. Let’s get to know Kim Seok.


Kim Seok: Full Profile and Facts

Kim Seok Profile


Real Name = Kim Seok

Birthday = August 10, 1992

Origin = South Korea

Height – 179 cm

Occupation = Equestrian, Actor

Equestrian Position = Forward

Years Active as Actor = 1997 – 2009

Website =



  1. He was once a famous young actor, from 1997 until 2009.
  2. He was encouraged by his father to take up horseback riding in 1999.
  3. He become a member of Korean National Equestrian team in 2009.
  4. He has won 2 awards as a young actor, and 1 award as an equestrian.


Kim Seok’s Story as Equestrian

Kim Seok - jump to the sky

Kim Seok began his equestrian journey in 1999, when his father encouraged him to take up horseback riding to boost his stamina. Kim Seok was still an actor at that time. He continued to pursue his acting career until 2009, before he became a member of the Korean National Equestrian team. He won a gold medal at National Union Equestrian Federation in 2009 as Haute école Standard Hurdles. Until now, he is still active as a national athlete and has left the entertainment industry. As an equestrian, he has already competed in several competition such as the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou and the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon.


List of Kim Seok’s Movies

Kim Seok movie list

Kim Seok began his career in the entertainment industry as a child actor during his debut era in 1996. Kim Seok has starred in 7 movies until 2004. He starred in both full-length movies and short movies around that time. Let’s check out the list of his movie appearances.

Kim Seok Movie List
Year Movie Title Role
1996 No. 3 Tae-ju’s son
1999 [Short Film] Sunflower Blues Kang Doo-sik
2000 Kilimanjaro Beon-gae’s son
2002 Can’t Live Without Robbery Go Soo-min
2003 My Teacher, Mr. Kim Joon-seok
2004 When I Turned Nine Baek Yeo-min
My Brother Young Kim Jong-hyeon


List of Kim Seok’s Drama 

Kim seok drama list

Kim Seok began to debut on dramas in 1999, through the MBC drama “Days of Delight”. He also made an appearance on the Japanese drama “Kaikyo wo Wataru Violin (The Violin Across The Channel)” in 2004 through Fuji TV. He also starred in several Korean hit dramas such as 2006 MBC’s “Princess Hours”, 2006 MBC’s “Jumong” and 2009 MBC’s “Queen Seondeok”. Let’s check out his drama appearance list.

Kim Seok drama list
Year Network Drama Title Role
1999 MBC Days of Delight Hong Dong-seok
2002 My Love Patzzi
2004 SBS Jang Gil-san Young

Jang Gil-san

Land Choi Hwan-gook
Fuji TV Kaikyo wo Wataru Violin

(The Violin Across The Channel)


Jin Chang-hyun

2005 SBS Ballad of Seodong Young Seodong
2006 Seoul 1945 Young

Choi Woon-hyuk

MBC Princess Hours Shin Chae-joon
Jumong Ohnjo
KBS1 Dae Jo Yeong Dae-dan
2007 MBC The Legend Dalgu’s Friend
2009 Queen Seondeok Young Imjong