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General Information About Actress Kim Hye-eun


Kim Hye-eun is a South Korean actress who is known for playing the roles of Miss Yeo in
“Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time” (2012), Seo Young-woo in “Secret Affair” (2014), and First Lady in “Pandora” (2016).


She has been singing since she was 4 years old, and had been working on KBS’s Children Choir show since she was a kid, but she felt that she had never been a “dream girl” since she was a child. She gave up her dream of becoming a vocalist. She said that she realized she could not become a world-class soprano.


She began working as an announcer on the MBC TV network in 1997, first at a local affiliate in Cheongju, then later as weather caster of the main news desk in Seoul. After eight years, she resigned from MBC in 2004, because she had conceived a child. She started a full-time acting career after childbirth. She made her official debut as an actress in 2004 on MBC’s “The Woman Who Wants to Marry” drama that she appeared on as a weather caster (she made a cameo). Since she had never professionally acted before, she suddenly got to meet an acting teacher, and it became fun for her to gradually start acting.


Her husband, Kim In-soo, did not approve Kim Hye-eun’s acting activities in the beginning, and he even he said that he would not marry her if she was an actress. But Kim Hye-eun went stronger, and her husband changed his mind. Now, he always gives her all the best support. Kim Hye-eun and her husband, Kim In-soo, are known to be a good couple and do frequent volunteer activities. Kim Hye-eun has been promoted to a public relation ambassador for a program to help children.


Actress Kim Hye-eun’s Profile


Real name : Kim Hye-eun

Hangul name : 김혜은

Birthdate : March 01, 1973

Birthplace : Busan, South Korea

Age : 45 years old

Religion : Protestantism Christian

Star Sign : Pisces

Blood Type : B

Education : Donghyun Elementary School, Bugok Girls’ Middle School, Geumjeong Girls’ High School, Seoul National University majored in Music – Vocal

Agency : C-JeS Entertainment

Siblings : 1 younger brother Kim Ji Ho (born in 1976)

Family : Husband Kim In-soo (married in 2001), daughter Kim Ga Eun (born in 2007)

Fancafe : Kim Hye-eun’s Fancafe