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Kim Dong-beom: An Actor Who Looks Like A Gagman

Kim Dong-beom is one of many underrated South Korean actors, and has been active in broadcasting, movies, and advertisements. Based on some resources, it is unknown whether he is currently signed with a talent agency or not. Even though he’s only been appearing on screen in minor roles, he never disappoints viewers with his acting. Some of his major roles have been in Jungle Fish 2 (2010) and Kong’s Family (2013).

Full Profile of Kim Dong-beom


Name : Kim Dong-beom / Kim Dong Bum (김동범)
Occupation : Actor, Talent
Birth Date : January 26, 1991
Birth Place : Seoul Metropolitan Government
Nationality : South Korean
Western Zodiac Sign : Aquarius
Chinese Zodiac Sign : Sheep
Height : 178 cm
Weight : 61 kg
Blood Type : N/A
Religion : N/A
Education : Sungbo High School, Inha University
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Twitter :
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Trivia and Facts About Kim Dong-beom

  • He is Nation’s MC Yoo Jae Seok’s look-alike, and apparently is a friend of Yoo Jae Seok’s younger sister.
  • He was also called ‘the second Bong Tae Gyu’ as he showed a distinctive acting color.
  • He can sing well too.
  • It was reported around 2012, that he was a free agent without an agency.
  • He can do various dances, play the drums and the guitar, beatbox, pop, and comic mime.
  • He was a CF star for Little League, and is known as Little Cha Seung Won.
  • In 2003, he won a prize at the Children’s Super Talent Competition, iNet School Student Selection Competition, and the Asian News Star Selection Competition.
  • In 2004, he won a National Mecca Selection Competition Excellence Prize, and the Uni-Star Competition Excellence Prize.
  • He strives to develop his own goals and talents.
  • At the time of the audition for “Kong’s Family” movie, he was asked if he liked to play the guitar. Because he had always wanted to make a family movie, he lied about it. However, after he was cast, he practiced hard so as to not disappoint, and as a result, he was able to finish shooting smoothly.
  • I will come to all things with a humble heart, not just good acting. In the future, I plan to step on my way to make the actor Kim Dong Bum imprinted on the public rather than the “second xxx” or the “xxx resemblance“.
  • He has lent his face to 50 CFs.
  • Some of his advertisements were Crown Bakery Laver concentration Chocolate (2006), Haitai Confectionery (해태제과 맛동산), Colorplitz (컬러스플리츠 – 내인기 비결은 두줄에 있다), DongA Pharmaceutical Energen (동아제약 에너젠), Collect Call 1633 (콜렉트콜 1633), Emergency training ball (비상교육 완자), Samsung VLUU Jang Dong Gun (삼성 VLUU 장동건편), Duobag (듀오백).
  • He also has starred in CF Canon 400, Samsung Pico, Samsung Card, Fortress Toys, KTF, Cheetos, KT Corporate Advertisement, and many others!

Filmography of Kim Dong-beom


Movie List of Kim Dong-beom

Year Title Role
2007 Zig Zag Love (일편단심 양다리)
2008 Our School’s E.T. (울학교 이티) Je Dong
2009 4th Period Mystery (4교시 추리영역) Do Il
2010 71: Into the Fire (포화 속으로) Student soldier Jae Seon
2013 Kong’s Family (콩가네) Jang Young Deok
2015 Northern Limit Line (연평해전) Kim Il Byung

Drama Series List of Kim Dong-beom

Year Title Role Network
2006 Alone in Love (연애 시대)
2007 My Mom! Super Mom! (최강 울엄마) KBS2
2008 Jungle Fish (정글 피쉬) Speaker KBS2
2009 Tae Hee, Hye Kyo, Ji Hyun (태희 혜교 지현이) Kim Dong-beom,
Yoon Jong Shin’s manager
2010 Jungle Fish 2 (정글 피쉬 2) Bae Tae Rang KBS2
Pure Pumpkin Flower (호박꽃 순정) Hyo Jae SBS
2011 Real School! (레알 스쿨) Bad boy Kim Dong-beom MBC Every 1
Romance Town (로맨스 타운) Choi KBS2
Drama Special “Human Casino” Baek Ga Myeon KBS2
Flower Boy Ramen Shop (꽃미남 라면가게) tvN
2012 My dear Maison ~ Rainbow Rose (사랑하는 메종 ~레인보우 로즈~)
TV Tokyo
Rude Miss Young Ae – Season 10 Dong Beom tvN
Family Bin Dae Chul KBS2

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