Profile of Korean Actor Kang Suk-jung


Kang Suk-jung: An Actor With a Sweet Gaze

Kang Suk-jung is an actor who was born in the same year as other famous celebrities such as Gong Yoo and Daniel Henney. His latest appearance on screen was in 2014 when he made a cameo on the drama “Cheo Yong”, and it is unknown whether or not he will make a comeback in the future. Based on some latest profile updates from various resources, the actor signed under “Happy Actors (행복한배우들)” talent agency, however the website can no longer be accessed (

Full Profile of Actor Kang Suk-jung


Korean Name : Kang Suk-jung / Kang Seok Jeong (강석정)
Chinese Name : Kang Sŏk-chŏng (姜石定)
Gender : Male
Occupation : Actor, Model
Years Active : Since 2007
Talent Agency : Happy Actors
Nationality : South Korean
Birth Date : June 18, 1979 (wikipedia) & July 11, 1979 (naver)
Birth Place : South Korea
Western Zodiac Sign : Gemini
Chinese Zodiac Sign : Sheep
Height : 185 cm
Weight : 73 kg
Blood Type : N/A
Religion : N/A
Education : Cheongju University – Performing Arts and Multimedia
Official Link : (inactive)

Trivia and Facts About Kang Suk-jung

  • He first debuted as an actor on the theater stage before deciding to become an on-screen actor.
  • Kang Suk-jung is an actor from Shin-Kil-dong, and he has a lot of friends.
  • Kang Suk-jung and Min Ji Hyun were close on the set of “Yellow Boots”, and were even nominated as one of strongest visual couples.
  • He traveled to Cebu in early September 2012 with the “Yellow Boots” production team.
  • He was loved by viewers when he perfectly portrayed the stereoscopic person who transformed from a cold man to a warm man on the drama “Yellow Boots”.
  • In the drama “Your Lady”, he played a cold demon ‘Hwang Jae Yeol’ who takes care of all kinds of bad things to fulfill his ambition. He was known as an attractive devil back then.
  • He was known as a well-mannered actor for matching his tall height with female celebrities while taking pictures.
  • Kang Suk-jung said his philosophy of acting is that there is no shortcut to acting as there is no royal road to studying.
  • A good idea only leads to good things. I relaxed and I believed in the power of positive.

Filmography of Kang Suk-jung: List of Drama Series


Kang Suk-jung is an actor who mainly appears on drama series as supporting characters. As for movie appearances, it is known that he has only participated in one movie in 2007 in an unrated movie entitled “Seyoung’s Spy (서영의 스파이)”, which starred lead actress Seo Young and actor Kim Ki Bang. Here’s the list of his drama series & movie appearances!

Year Title Role Network
2007 By My Side / 내 곁에 있어 (drama series) Produce vendor MBC
Seo Young’s Spy / 서영의 스파이 (movie) Kim Ji Wook Super Action
2008 Woman of Matchless Beauty, Park Jung Geum / 천하일색 박정금 (drama series) Detective Kim MBC
Don’t Be Swayed / 흔들리지마 (drama series) MBC
2009 White Lies / 하얀 거짓말 (drama series) Cha Min Jae MBC
2012 Yellow Boots / 노란 복수초 (drama series) Kim Tae Il tvN
2013 Your Lady / 당신의 여자 (drama series) Hwang Jae Yeol SBS
Fantasy Tower / 환상거탑 (drama series) Bartender tvN
2014 Cheo Yong / 귀신 보는 형사 처용 (drama series) Im Dong Chul (ep.7) OCN

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