Profile of Kang Ji-sub: Age, Height, Dramas, and Movies

Kang Ji Sub

The Manliest Guy, Kang Ji-sub

Who doesn’t like a manly and sexy guy? With a tall figure, broad shoulders, and eyes that could easily draw you in, Kang Ji-sub is the definition of perfect. He is known as a very masculine and handsome guy.

Kang Ji-sub (강지섭) is a newcomer to Korean Entertainment. He began acting in 2005 in Dear Heaven as a adorable boy named ‘Kang Yi-Ri’. With his talent and natural ability at acting, he charmed and attracted many people. Well, in additional, with his stunning looks, who wouldn’t be charmed by him?

Profile of Kang Ji-sub

Kang Ji Sub

Name : Kang Ji-sub (강지섭)

Real Name : Kim Young Sub (김영섭)

Birth : February 6th 1981

Height : 188 cm

Weight : 81 kg (178 lbs.)

Nationality : South Korea

Zodiac : Aquarius

Twitter : @ys9914

Fansite :

Kang Ji-sub’s Acting Career

Kang Ji Sub

His first role was as a cute and lovely boy in Dear Heaven, and it garnered him a lot of attention. It was the 5th highest program in Korea in 2006, with an average rating of 28.3% and a peak of 44.5%. This drama was a successful start for him, because he then got to play in many dramas in the years following.

Here is a list of Kang Ji-sub’s dramas:

Year Title Role Network
2005 Dear Heaven Kang Yi-Ri SBS
2006 Common Single Kang Woo-hyuk SBS
2007 Salt Doll Min Hyun-soo SBS
A Happy Woman Jang Byung-gyu KBS2
2008 Woman of The Sun Hong Eun-sub KBS2
2009 Two Wifes Song Ji-ho SBS
2010 A Good Day for The Wind to Blow Kang Sang-jun KBS1
2011 The Duo Jin-Deuk MBC
The Empress Jung Hyuk E-Channel
2012 Man from The Equator Choi Yoon-suk KBS2
2013 The Women’s Room Han Ji-Sub SBS
2014 Wife Scandal-The Wind Rises Photographer, the wife’s lover (Episode 1: “Lie”) TV Chosun
Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup: 12 Years Reunion Jang-woo (cameo) jTBC
2015 A Bird That Doesn’t Sing Park Sung-soo tvN
2016 Shopaholic Louis Nam Joo-hyuk MBC


Apart from dramas, he also played a role in 2 movies. Let’s look at the movies Kang Ji-sub has played a role in

The Plan (2014)

The Plan was the first movie Kang Ji-sub acted in. He played Yong-Hoon in this movie, written and directed by Park Chang-jin. This movie was released on September 18, 2014.

The Plan was about the cold and cruel world of money lending. It started with See Hee (Shin Eun-Kyung), a cold-blooded money lender. She is not afraid to use any means possible in order to survive. If there is someone who has better collateral than the money borrowed, she doesn’t hesitate to use any means to stop that person from returning the money.

When her name became famous in the industry, she had 2 men beside her. They are In-ho (Lee Ki-young), her financial sponsor, and an ordinary guy Yong-hoon (Kang Ji-sub). Then one day she met Min-young (Oh In-hye) who reminds her of herself when she was young. She then decided to ask Min-young to join her, and together they plan an act of revenge to take down the leader of the loan shark business.

Marionette (2017)

Kang Ji-sub played Woo-hyuk in this movie. Marionette was written and directed by Lee Han-wook, and released on April 19, 2018 in South Korea. This movie also stars Lee Yoo-young and Kim Hee-won. This movie had its world premiere at the 48th International Film Festival of India on November 2017, where it played in the International Competition section.

This movie itself is a crime thriller that tells about Seo-Rin (Lee Yoo-young) who works as a high school teacher, but will soon be resigned since she is going to married soon. But one day, she received a text message, saying “Do you have a good dream?” with a photo of her partially undressed. She and a former detective Kook-Cheol (Kim Hee-won) then work together to find out who the culprit is.