Profile of Kang Chan-hee: Age, Drama List, and Facts

List of Kang Chan-hee’s Dramas

Kang Chan-hee

Chan-hee made his debut when he was young. He is a child actor who is famous in South Korea. He started his career when he was 9 years old. His first drama appearance was on Queen Seondeok, where he played the role of Hwarang. In the same year, he played Choi Jong-hoi in a drama called Three Brothers. Two years later, he shot 2 dramas. He played young Cha Dong-joo in a drama called ‘Can You Hear My Heart?’. In a drama called Garden of Heaven, he played the role of Shin Seung-woo.

In 2012, Chan-hee appeared in 2 dramas, To the Beautiful You and The Innocent Man. A year later, he appeared as Kim Do-jin in a drama called The Queen’s Classroom. In 2015, he played young Ja Kyung in Splendid Politics. A year later, he appeared in famous drama Signal. His role was Park Sun-woo, who is Park Hae-young’s brother who became unfairly convicted for something he didn’t do. His latest drama is Click Your Heart where he played himself “Kang Chan-hee”.

Here is the list of Chan-hee’s appearances in dramas.

Year Title Role Network
2009 Queen Seondeok Hwarang MBC
Three Brothers Choi Jong-hoi KBS2
2011 Can You Hear My Heart? young Cha Dong-joo MBC
Garden of Heaven Shin Seung-woo Channel A
2012 To the Beautiful You young Kang Tae-joon SBS
The Innocent Man young Kang Ma-ru KBS2
2013 The Queen’s Classroom Kim Do-jin MBC
2015 Splendid Politics young Ja Kyung MBC
2016 Signal Park Sun-woo tvN
Click Your Heart Kang Chan-hee MBC Every1



List of Kang Chan-hee’s Movies

Kang Chan-hee

Although Chan-hee debuted in 2009, his first appearance in a movie was in Familyhood in 2016. He played the role of Hyun-bin. This movie’s genre is drama and comedy. It is about an aging, self-centered actress who attempts to boost her public appeal by adopting a teenager’s baby and claiming it as her own.

In 2017, he appeared as young King Ye-jong in a movie called The King’s Case Note. It was a comedy film about a king and his archivist search for the truth behind a crime that threatens the stability of the kingdom.

Year Title Role
2016 Familyhood Hyun-bin
2017 The King’s Case Note young King Yejong


Kang Chan-hee’s Appearances on Variety Shows

Kang Chan-hee

As a child actor, Chan-hee rarely got the chance to appear on variety show when he was young. Despite having debuted in 2009, his first appearance on a variety show was on d.o.b (Dance or Band), which is a survival show by Mnet and FNC Entertainment. He got into the team, and the company decided that the group will do a dance concept.

In 2018, Chan-hee got his first solo appearance on a variety show. He was a cast member of NEST Escape 3 along with Yoon Seon-ho, Lee Eui-woong, and Samuel. The show is about the grand escape of teenagers.

Year Title Network Notes
2016 d.o.b (Dance or Band) Mnet Survival Show
2018 NEST Escape 3 tVN Cast member