Full Profile of Jin Ji-hee and Facts (Family, Drama List and TV Shows)

jin ji hee

Who is Jin Ji-hee ?

Being an actress or a singer is probably the dream of most of Korean teenagers. But, of course, to become an idol is not that easy. Some idols started their careers when they were very young, or even since they were kids. One of them is Jin Ji-hee. Jin Ji-hee is an actress who began her career as a child. For those of you who want to know more about Jin Ji-hee, including her profile, family, drama list, etc, check them out below!

Full Profile of Actress Jin Ji-hee, 2018

jin ji hee

Full Name : Jin Ji-hee

Birth Date : March 25, 1999

Age : 19 years old

Birth Place : Seoul, South Korea

Zodiac Sign : Aries

Year Active : 2003 – Now

Agency : Wellmade Yedang

Education : The Affiliated High School of College of Education, Chung Ang University

Previous Education : The Affiliated Middle School of College of Education, Chung Ang University and Seoul Huekseok Elementary School

Who is Jin Ji-hee’s Boyfriend?

jin ji hee

As an actress, although Jin Ji-hee is still very young, everyone is starting to wonder whether she has a boyfriend or not. Currently, she admitted that she is not in a relationship, but there is an actor who makes her heart flutter. When Jin Ji-hee appeared in KBS2’s “Happy Together”, she shared a behind the scene anecdote from the drama “Fight My Way”.

Jin Ji-hee appeared in “Fight My Way”‘s first episode. She played Chang Bo Ram, a high school student who is in love with the character who actor Park Seo-joon was playing. Jin Ji-hee admitted that at first she felt really awkward when she first had to work with actor Park Seo-joon, but then it got better.


In the drama, there’s a part where he says ‘Chang Bo Ram, go out with me!’ and my heart suddenly started racing. If you watch the drama, my facial expression looks like I’m so happy I could fly—it wasn’t acting. It was my real reaction,” Jin Jin Hee honestly revealed.