Full Profile of Jang Jin-young


Who is Jang Jin-young?

Behind the success of all artists, there is always a trainer who teaches them and gives them support. SM Entertainment, have for years been known as one of the biggest agencies in South Korea. All idols from SM Entertainment are widely known for their popularity, and their skills in the areas of singing and dancing, that are indeed amazing. But there’s actually someone behind the amazing singing skills of SM Entertainment’s artists. He is Jang Jin-young.

Full Profile of Jan Jing-young 2018


Birth Name : Jang Jin Young

Birth Date : July 1, 1983

Age : 34 years old

Birth Place : Seoul, South Korea

Height : 174 cm

Weight : 62 kg

Zodiac Sign : Cancer

Favorite Color : Red and Black

Favorite Music : R&B Funk

Instagram Account : @jinyoung0423

Twitter Account : @eosno1

10 Facts About Jang Jin-young

1. Jang Jin Young’s motto is “sing forever”.

2. His hobbies are listening to music and shopping

3. Jang Jin Young likes to do Muay Thai.

4. Jang Jin Young was previously a member of the boyband “Black Beat”.

5. Jang Jin Young’s fanclub is called “Soul Black”.

6. He used to be the youngest member of the boyband “Black Beat”.

7. His religion is Buddhism.

8. Jang Jin Young says that for him, happiness is eating and singing.

9. “Be a great musician” is a famous quote of Jang Jin Young’s.

10. Jang Jin Young’s make up tip is to be sexy and cool.

Jang Jin-young’s Career Path

Jang Jin-young has been widely known since 2002. He used to be a lead singer in the South Korean boyband Black Beat. Black Beat, which consists of 7 members, debuted in 2002 and disbanded in 2006. But Jang Jin-young’s career didn’t stop there. He was then recruited as a vocal trainer for SM Entertainment’s younger singers and trainees. Now, Jang Jin Young focuses on giving vocal training to SHINee, EXO, and Red Velvet. He was also previously rumored to have trained Girls’ Generation.

Although he is no longer a member of a hit boyband, Jang Jin Young has many fans out there, especially when he became a vocal trainer for SM Entertainment’s reality survival show “K-pop Star” back in 2017. Not only that, Jang Jin Young also gained huge popularity when he appeared in “Sister’s Slam Dunk” Season 2, with the nickname “Mr. Serious”. It seems that being a vocal trainer is the job that Jang Jin Young enjoys the most. In July 2017, Jang Jin Young also became a vocal trainer for the Mnet girl group survival show called “Idol School”.

Jang Jin-young’s Personal Life


As a vocal trainer who has been adored by many people since his appearance in “Sister’s Slam Dunk Season 2”, many people might get their heart broken to learn that Jang Jin Young is no longer single. Jang Jin Young decided to tie the knot with his long lasting girlfriend, actress Kang Hae In, who he has been dating for 10 years. On October 21, 2017, Jang Jin Young married actress Kang Hae In with their families, friends, and SM Entertainment artists around, including Super Junior, EXO, and Red Velvet. Here are several wedding photos of Jang Jin-young and actress Kang Hae-in.


List of Jang Jin-young’s Singles

For those of you who are curious about Jang Jin Young’s vocal skill, you will be amazed by the songs that he sings. Here are a list of Jang Jin Young’s singles.

No. Single Title Year
1. “Another Time” 2012
2. “Vocalist” 2012
3. “Stranger’s Love” ft. The Barberettes 2017

List of Jang Jin-young’s TV Shows

As was mentioned previously, Jang Jin-young has participated in several shows, here is the complete list. Check it out!

No. Title Year Role Network
1. “Kpop Star” 2011 – 2012 Vocal Trainer SBS
2. “Sister’s Slam Dunk” 2017 Vocal Trainer KBS2
3. “Idol School” 2017 Vocal Trainer MNet