Full Profile of IZ*ONE’s Kim Min-ju: Fun Facts, ‘Produce 48’, Acting, and More!

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Kim Min-ju: The Visuals and Bright Gem From IZ*ONE!

Kim Min-ju has become one of the most highlighted K-Pop idols ever since her appearance through Produce 48 until her debut as IZ*ONE member! Been blessed with stunning visual appearances, went to a lot of dance and singing practice, even made some acting appearances. She does know how to impressed people! Let’s get to know more details about Kim Min-ju through the article written below!

Full Profile of Kim Min-ju

izone minju

Birth Name: Kim Min-ju (김민주)

Stage Name: Minju (민주)

Date of Birth: Miseong-dong, Seoul, South Korea, February 5th, 2001

Age: 20 years old

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Nationality: Korean

Height: 166 cm

Weight: 45 kg

Blood Type: AB

Position: Visual, Dancer, Vocalist

Years Active: 2018 – present

Label: Urban Works Entertainment, Off The Record Entertainment

Associated With: Produce 48, IZ*ONE

Instagram: @k.minjoo_official

Fun Facts About Kim Min-ju That You Need to Know!

izone minju
  • Kim Min-ju’s nicknames are Pepe and Minmin.
  • Kim Min-ju was graduated from the School of Performing Arts Seoul.
  • Kim Min-ju has a younger sister and an older brother.
  • Kim Min-ju was known as a child actress.
  • Kim Min-ju can speak English.
  • Kim Min-ju loves to watching sitcom shows, walking, and taking pictures.
  • When Kim Min-ju was younger, she wanted to be a stewardess.
  • Kim Min-ju loves gummy bears and chocolate ice cream.
  • Kim Min-ju’s specialties are playing guitar and imitating faces (mostly animals).
  • Kim Min-ju is very good at cooking.
  • Kim Min-ju likes Harry Potter.

The Complete Story of Kim Min-ju’s Career

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Since she was very young, Kim Min-ju has gained a lot of attention due to her gorgeous visual appearance. Kim Min-ju was also known as the ulzzang in her hometown. It also led her to be scouted on the street by the casting director of Urban Works Entertainment! She made several CFs and cameo through several dramas, been participating in Produce 48, and finally debuted with IZ*ONE!

Kim Min-ju On Produce 48

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On May 11, 2018, Kim Min-ju was revealed as one of the contestants in the survival competition show Produce 48! She became the representative of Urban Works Entertainment which was known as her agency at that time. Kim Min-ju also made a bunch of great performances such as individual performance of No Matter What, group performance of Pick Me, and many more!

izone minju

Kim Min-ju also experienced ups and downs through her evaluation performance, unpleasant comments from the judges. Still, it was all nothing since her hard work eventually been pay off. Kim Min-ju was selected as one of the final line-ups for the girl group formed under Produce 48 and she was placed on the 11th as her final rank!

Watch some of Kim Min-ju’s appearance on Produce 48 here:



Kim Min-ju’s Debut as IZ*ONE Members

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Kim Min-ju made her debut with IZ*ONE on October 29, 2018, with the group’s first mini-album COLOR*IZ, and La Vie En Rose has served as its title track! Kim Min-ju has gained a lot of attention since she became the visual, lead rapper, and sub vocalist! With the other 11 members, Kim Min-ju has started her journey as K-Pop idols pleasantly!

IZ*ONE’s popularity has expanded not only in South Korea but also through Japan and other countries. After their debut single La Vie En Rose, IZ*ONE also made their Japanese debut by releasing the first Japanese single Suki to Iwasekai, following by the second Japanese single, Buenos Aires. Moreover, IZ*ONE also held their fan meeting and a solo concert in Japan!


After the group’s hiatus for a while, IZ*ONE made a great comeback with the first full-length album entitled BLOOM*IZ with Fiesta as its title track. The album was filled with 12 tracklists and has released three concept images such as ‘I Was’, ‘I Am’, and ‘I Will’!

Kim Min-ju’s Fancam Performance

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Do you want to see Kim Min-ju’s various charms during a live stage performance? Check out some of the videos down below!

Through one of the Panorama live stage, Kim Min-ju appeared in chic and classy style with a silver mini dress! With her hair has loosened down and sparkling makeup, Kim Min-ju’s visual has stood out evenly! The mixture of her powerful dance and soft vocal also made her performance became even more sophisticated!

Kim Min-ju with brown-greyish hair was breathtaking! During one of the Fiesta live stage performances, people could have noticed something different from her head to her toe. With her cheerful dance and stable vocal, Kim Min-ju looked very adorable!

Kim Min-ju’s Acting Appearance

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As a K-Pop idol, Kim Min-ju is multitalented! Been famously known for her gorgeous visual appearance and great dancing skills, she made people amazed at her acting appearance! People also praised her acting performance, which made her career in the acting industry went quite well.

Kim Min-ju made some acting appearances, such as in The Great Seducer as young Choi Soo-ji, The Fault Is Not Yours as Soo-yeon, Eyes On Me: The Movie as herself, A-Teen season 2 as Cha Ah-hyun, and many more. Due to her role as Soo-yeon in The Fault Is Not Yours, Kim Min-ju won the Special New Actress Award in November 2020!

Watch some of Kim Min-ju’s acting performance here:


The Adorable Friendship Between Kim Min-ju and Kriesha Chu

izone minju & kriesha chu

Kim Min-ju and Kriesha Chu are known for their strong friendship! Both of them were scouted under Urban Works Entertainment, and Kriesha Chu is known as a solo singer. Even before their debut, Kim Min-ju and Kriesha have been known each other and started to build their strong friendship!

kim minju & kriesha chu
kim minju & kriesha chu

They have also been working together on a collaboration song entitled Falling Star. Not only that, Minju was featured in Kriesha Chu’s Like Paradise music video as well! During the Produce 48 era, Kriesha also expressed her support for Minju and asked the public to vote for her!

That was all of the information about Kim Min-ju! From her career journey, people could have noticed her hard work ever since her pre-debut until her debut as a girl group member. Been training in several agencies, joined a survival competition show, and finally chosen as the final line-up as IZ*ONE member, let’s shout out to the dearest Kim Min-ju!

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