Full Profile of Han Ji-sang

han ji sang

One of South Korea’s Best Actors, Han Ji Sang

Not only famous because of its K-pop songs, dances, and dramas, South Korea is also a country that is famous for its musical dramas. Many actors and actresses rather than debuting in TV dramas and films, debut as actors in musicals. One of them is actor Han Ji Sang, who is known as one of South Korea’s busiest actors. Let’s get to know more about him!

Profile of Actor Han Ji Sang, 2018

Birth Name : Han Ji Sang

Birth Date : July 25, 1982

Age : 35 years old

Birth Place : Seoul, South Korea

Height : 175 cm

Actor Han Ji-sang’s Childhood

Han Ji Sang was born to a Korean family, but a month after his birth, he and his family moved to France. He lived in France until he was 4 years old. He even spent Kindergarten in Paris. He declared that he used to be fluent in French back then, but he can not remember a word of French now.

Actor Han Ji-sang’s Career Path

han ji sang

Being a musical actor seems like destiny for Han Ji Sang. At first, he didn’t have any intentions of being an actor, but when he was young, he failed his Suneung (South Korea kind of SAT) three years consecutively. He then became interested in acting. He found that acting was just like a therapy for him after struggling with Korea’s education system.

He started his acting career by taking part in a closed audition for the musical drama “Grease” by chance. After performing in “Grease” in 2003, he felt like he was drawn to the theater. Known as one of the busiest actors in South Korea, actor Han Ji Sang mentioned that he likes pursuing things that he loves and developing himself more and more each day. Han Ji Sang is also willing to try many new and unique roles that others might not want to take.

Han Ji Sang himself has performed many art scenes with seven total shows. Being super busy, Han Ji Sang said that one of the reasons that he keeps taking the roles that are offered  to him is because he simply can not resist playing the characters given to him.

Complete List of Actor Han Ji-sang’s Musical Theater Productions

No. Musical Theater Title Year Role
1. “Grease” 2003
2. “Next to Normal” 2013 Gabe
3. “Jesus Christ Superstar” 2013 Judas Iscariot
4. “The Scarlet Pimpernel 2013 Percy Blakeney
5. “Bonnie & Clyde” 2013 Clyde Barrow
6. “Red” 2013 Ken
7. “Frankenstein” 2014 Henry / Monster
8. “Death Note : The Musical” 2017 Light Yagami

Complete List of Actor Han Ji-sang’s Films

No. Film Title Year Role
1. “Three Summer Nights” 2015 Chief of Criminal Investigation (cameo)
2. “Yell in the Carriage”

Complete List of Actor Han Ji-sang’s Drama Series

No. Drama Series Title Year Role Network
1. “Rosy Lovers” 2014 Park Kang Tae MBC
2. “Working Mom Parenting Daddy” 2016 Cha Il Mok MBC
3. “Welcome to Waikiki” 2018 Tae Hyun JBTC

Complete List of Actor Han Ji-sang’s Awards

 No.  Award Category Result
1. 6th Daegu International Musical Festival Best Actor Won
2. Seoul Musical Festival Yegreen Award for the Best Actor Won