Full Profile of Ha Yeon-joo: Name, Height, Age, Weight, and Facts

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Let’s Get to Know More about Ha Yeon-joo

As Korean dramas and films grow rapidly, there are more and more actors and actresses in South Korea. If you ever watched the drama “Here He Comes” or “I Need Romance”, you might’`ve seen and admired Ha Yeon-Joo. But for those who haven’t heard of her enough, stay tuned, because every thing about Ha Yeon-Joo will be revealed in the following article.

Han Yeon-joo Profile


Name : Ha Yeon-Joo

Birth Date : August 6, 1987

Age : 30 years old

Birth Place : South Korea

Zodiac Sign : Gemini

Twitter Account : @joojoo_ha

Facebook Account : joojooo.Ha

Ha Yeon-joo’s Height and Weight

ha yeon joo

Having a proportional body is a must for an actress in South Korea. Ha Yeon-Joo herself has a very good body, height and weight. She weights 47 kg (103,6 pon), while her height is 171 cm (5’5 feets).

Ha Yeon-Joo’s Outstanding IQ

ha yeon joo

Not only known for her cute and pretty face, Ha Yeon Joo is also known as one of the smartest actresses.Ha Yeon-Joo’s IQ is 156, while Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein’s IQ is 160. Ha Yeon-Joo is also known for having a very high academic record while she was still in high school. Not only that, she also became the first Korean actress to join an exclusive international high IQ society, called Mensa International. At first, she took the test to join the society with her sister, but her sister ended up failing while she succeeded in taking the test and became one of the members. Although Ha Yeon-Joo has a very outstanding academic score, she chose not to continue to college, but to focus on the acting career that she loves.

Complete List of Ha Yeon-joo’s Dramas

No. Title Role Year Network
1. “Here He Comes” Lee Jae Sook 2008 MBC
2. “Gloria” Yoo Mi Na 2010 MBC
3. “Royal Family” Ji Eun 2011 MBC
4. “I Need Romance” Yoo Kang Hee 2011 tvN
5. “Ugly Miss Young-Ae (Season 10) Ha Yeon Joo 2012 tvN
6. “I Need Romance 2012” Yoo Kang Hee (cameo) 2012 tvN
7. “Sincerity Moves Heaven” Han Ki Eun 2013 KBS
8. “Dating Agency : Cyrao” Hyeri 2013 tvN
9. “Miss Korea” Shin Sun Young 2013 – 2014 MBC
10. “It’s Okay, That’s Love’ Hyun Joo 2014 SBS
11. “My Secret Hotel” Jung Soo Ah 2014 tvN
12. “Iron Lady Cha” Lee Yoon Hee 2015 MBC
13. “Cheo Yong” Season 2 Jung Ha Yoon 2015 MBC
14. “Goodbye Mr. Black” Mei 2016 MBC
15. “Entourage” Herself (Ep. 14) 2016 tvN
16. “Person Who Gives Happiness” Kim Ja Kyung 2016 – 2017 MBC

Complete List of Ha Yeon Joo’s Film

No. Title Role Year
1. “Me, Neither” Oh Eun Seo 2009
2. “The Rhythm of Chopsticks” Ji Sook 2010
3. “Miss Granny” Soo Yeon 2014
4. “The File” Shin Mi Soo 2015

Complete List of Ha Yeon Joo’s Variety Show

No. Title Role Year Network
1. Inkigayo Host 2009 – 2010 SBS
2. Roller Coaster Cast Member 2009 tvN
3. The Genius : Black Garnet Cast Member 2014 tvN