Full Profile of GOT7 Members (Name, Religion, Education..etc)

Interesting facts :
  • Let’s talk about what Young-jae likes and he hates. Young-jae said that he really hates cucumber.
  • Before he entered JYP and began training, he wanted to become a music therapist. It means that he really cares about other people. Since he was young, he really enjoyed singing with his brother, who taught him everything.
  • He is currently taking Theater and Film major in Seokyeong University, so it’s possible that Young-jae can act really well.

6. Coolest Maknae, GOT7 Yugyeom, Profile and Facts

Yugyeom got 7
Stage Name: Yugyeom
Real Name: Kim Yugyeom
Position: Lead Rapper, Vocalist Maknae
Birthdate: November 17, 1997
Height/weight: 180 cm/64kg
Religion : Unknown
Education : Migeum Middle School until High School
Interesting Facts :
  • Out of all dancers and all other members, Yugyeom is the most famous for his amazing dancing skills and of course, his tall figure. It makes senses that Yugyeom has a street style.
  • Yugyeom is a vocalist maknae. He is so young and from the 97 line.
  • Yugyeom attended at Donong Elementary School and Migeum Middle School in his elementary and high school days, and maybe he will continue in school for dance in the future.

7. A Handsome Boy, GOT7 Bambam, Profile and Facts

Bambam got 7
Stage name : Bambam
Real Name: Kunpimook Bhuwakul
Position: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer
Birthdate: March 2, 1997
Height: 170 cm/ 52kg
Religion : Buddhism
Education : Pramoch Wittaya Ramindra School.
Interesting Facts :
  • Bambam hails from Thailand, but in Thailand he was also a star.
  • Bambam has appeared several times in movies and commercials in Thailand.
  • Bambam pursued a career in Korea because he and his mother are big fans of Rain and he hopes to be as big a star as Rain. Bambam really loves Rain’s acting in Full House.
  • He trained under JYP for three and half years and finally appeared in Who is Next along with Yugyeom, Mark, and Jackson. They did a dance battle between YG trainees.

GOT7 Member’s Popularity Ranking

Here is a review of GOT7’s popularity ranking:

  1. First Jackson became a favorite and popular member with 31.1%
  2. Next is JB with 23.3%
  3. 14.4% votes for Mark as a popular member of GOT7
  4. Next is JYP Junior, a.k.a jinyoung, with 12.2%
  5. Yugyeom and youngjae have a same position and percentage, at 6.7%
  6. And last but not least, there is Bambam with 5.6%. But in Thailand, Bambam became the first place winner of the popularity ranking.