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All About Actress and Former Girl Group Member Lee Si-a

Lee Si-a is a South Korean actress. She debuted as an actress in 2013. Before this, she was a member of the Korean girl group Chi Chi which debuted in 2011. Lee Si-a has already starred in a lot of dramas and has established her career as an actress really well.

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Full Profile and Facts

Lee Si-a profile


Real Name: Lee Ji-a

Birthday: July 10, 1990

Origin: Seoul, South Korea

Blood Type: A

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 45 kg

Education: Sungkyunkwan University – Performing Arts

Occupation: Actress, Singer

Specialty: Acting, Drawing, Singing

Hobbies: Yoga, Reading

Years Active: 2011 – Present | 2011 – 2013 as Chi Chi member

Agency: Trophy Entertainment, Tokuma Japan | 1n1 Stars, Artist Company



  1. She can speak in Korean, English, and Japanese.
  2. Her favorite music genres are soul and R&B.
  3. She debuted as a Chi Chi member in 2011, but they later disbanded in 2013.
  4. She became a model for Kim Jae-joong’s music video Just Another Girl in 2013.
  5. She became a contestant on episodes 1 to 3 in 2013 on MBC Every1’s Korean Art Idol Competition – Everyone Gather!

Lee Si-a as a Chi Chi Member

shine chi chi

Lee Si-a debuted as a Chi Chi member. Chi Chi stands for “Creative Electronic House Idols” and was under Trophy Entertainment in 2011. Lee Si-a debuted with the stage names Shine when she was still under Chi Chi and E Xia when she was a soloist. The group was active in Japan and Korea but later disbanded in 2013. She became active as an actress afterward and is still active in the entertainment industry until now. Before Chi Chi’s disbandment, there were a lot of rumors saying that Shine was being abandoned by other Chi Chi members.


Dramas and Movies

Lee Si-a drama

Lee Si-a pursued an acting career right after Chi Chi was disbanded in 2013. She made her first appearance as an actress through MBC’s drama Hur Jun, the Original Story as a cameo in 2013. Slowly, Lee Si-a gained public attention for her acting skills. Although most of her appearances were only as supporting roles or cameos, Lee Si-a gains public and worldwide attention slowly for every drama and movie project she takes. Here is the list of Lee Si-a’s dramas and movies.

Lee Si-a’s Drama List
Year Drama Title Role Network
2013 Hur Jun, the Original Story Lady Yu (Gwanghae’s wife; Guest appearance) MBC
2014 My Lovely Girl Yoo So-eun SBS
2015 More Than a Maid Heo Yoon-ok jTBC
Cheo Yong – Season 2 Han Ji-soo (Special appearance, Ep. 6) OCN
Remember Kim Han-na (Special appearance, Ep. 5-6) SBS
2016 Signal Kim Won-kyung tvN
Doppelganger Yeon-joo (Web Drama) Naver TV Cast
The Unusual Family Kang Dan-yi KBS
2017 Tunnel Shin Yeon-sook OCN
Suspicious Partner Lee Na-eun (Special appearance, Ep. 6) SBS
2018 Mr. Sunshine Choi Yoo-jin’s mother (Special appearance) tvN
Let Me Introduce Her Ji Eun-han SBS


Lee Si-a’s Movie List
Year Movie Title Role
2017 Lucid Dream Mi-yeon