Profile of EXO’s Tao: Birthday, Abs, Plastic Surgery, Song, Hairstyle, and Facts


 Let’s Get to Know EXO Member Tao’s Profile

Real Name : Huang Zi Tao ( 黄子韬)
Stage Name : Tao (타오)
English Name : Edison Huang
Nickname : Peach, Kung Fu Panda
Super Power (Badge) : Time Control (Hourglass)
Birth Place : QingDao, China
Date of Birth : May 2, 1993
Astrological Sign : Taurus
Nationality : Chinese
Hometown : Qingdao, China
Height : 183 cm
Weight : 64 kg
Position : Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Maknae
Hobby : Singing, playing basketball, exercising
Specialties : Wushu, English, Cantonese & Mandarin language
Education : Humen Centre Primary School, Qindao Middle School, University of Hong Kong – Music
Favorite Idols : Edison Chen, MC HotDog, Jackie Chan, Bryant, Shawn Carter
Favorite Color : Blue
Favorite Food : Western food
Interest : Basketball and black cat
Favorite Music : Hip Hop and R&B

Habit: When speaking to his fellow members, he would start off the conversation formally by calling the older members “Hyung”. However, he usually ends the conversation in an informal manner. He also has an ambiguous mood, so sometimes you can’t tell how he’s feeling.

EXO Member Tao’s ABS

Demon Angel

Fun Facts About EXO’s Tao


Tao facts:
– He was born in Qingdao, Shandong, China.
– His nicknames are Peach and Kung Fu Panda.
– As a kid, he took Wushu (martial arts) lessons.
– According to his teacher, during middle school, Tao was a shy student.
– He loves the color blue, Western food, basketball, and black cats.
– His favorite music genre is hip hop and R&B
– He is the member with the most aegyo.
– He is a very emotional and sensitive guy who is well in-touch with his own feelings.
– In 2010, he was scouted by a representative of S.M. Entertainment, while he was attending an MBC Star global audition.
– When Tao first became a trainee he didn’t know any Korean or English, so he originally had to room with their manager to learn more Korean.
– Tao knows martial arts.
– When Tao first came to Korea, Chen heard him greet Xiumin by saying “oppa, annyeonghaseyo”, so he thought Tao was a girl.
– Even though Tao has a tough image, he is very sensitive and gets scared easily. He is scared of ghosts. He cried after going in a haunted house. (EXO Showtime Episode 10)
– Tao and Kris were really close, so fans started creating fanfics and photoshopping pictures of the two getting intimate. This lead to Kris getting weirded out. Because of this, the two became distant.
– Tao has showered with every EXO member, except for Lay and Luhan.
– Tao loved to nag Xiumin to learn Chinese with him.
– Tao has an obsession with Gucci.
– Tao likes to walk alone on beaches. (Happy Camp)
– On May 1, 2015, he started his acting career, with a role in the movie “You Are My Sunshine”.
– In June 2015, Zitao set up an official Chinese agency, 黄子韬Z.TAO Studio.
– On July 23, 2015, he made his solo debut under the stage name Z.Tao, with the mini-album “T.A.O”.
– His solo debut album, which was a huge success in China, broke the digital downloads record, with 670,000 copies sold within its first week of release.
– On August 24 2015, he filled a lawsuit against S.M. Entertainment.
– The principal reason stated for his leaving SM was the aggravation of an ankle injury sustained at the Idol Star Athletics Championships.
– In November 2015, his first reality-variety show “Charming Daddy” started airing.
– On January 12, 2016, Zitao won the “Most Influential Male Singer” award at the 2016 Mobile Video Festival.
– On April 22, 2016, he released his album “The Road” (he traveled to Los Angeles in order to work with American director Nick Lentz).
– For the title single, “The Road”, which he wrote and composed himself, Zitao worked for 6 months.
– On May 1, 2016, he started a solo concert tour.
– In 2016, he appeared in the first edition of the Chinese version of “Law of the Jungle”.
– He was cast for numerous movie productions such as “Edge of Innocence”, “Famen Temple Code”, “A Chinese Odyssey: Love You A Million Years”, “The Negotiator”.
– In September 2016, he attended the 2nd season of the military reality show “Takes a Real Man”.
– After his appearance on the military show, Z.Tao gained more fans.
– On December 14, 2016, it was confirmed that he won his lawsuit against SM.
– In 2017 he acted in the marital arts movie “The Game Changer”.
– On April 28th, 2017, it was announced that he lost the lawsuit against SM.
– On October 27th, 2017, it was announced that the Seoul court had made its final decision in favor of SM. Unlike Kris and Luhan, whose lawsuits against SM became resolved with compromise, Tao’s case is the only one where the court ruled entirely in SM’s favor.
– Tao’s ideal type is someone who is pretty and has a nice body, as well as a nice personality.

EXO Member Tao’s Plastic Surgery


Although many netizens complained that the pictures used in the post were very bad pictures, most did not deny that they thought the boy had undergone some type of surgery or another.