Profile and Facts of DIA’s Cho Seung-hee: From an Idol to an Actress

dia cho seung hee

DIA’s Cho Seung-hee is Reborn as Cho Yi-hyun

Cho Seung-hee is a multi-talented entertainer. She debuted as a musical actress but made her name famous as an idol. She was known as DIA and F-Ve Dolls member. Even while promoting music and making comebacks as an idol group member, Cho Seung-hee was also busy participating and acting in dramas. After her activities as an idol stopped, she made a full-time career jump as an actress and being reborn as actress Cho Yi-hyun.

In this article, Channel Korea will talk all about DIA’s Cho Seung-hee or actress Cho Yi-hyun. So stay tuned!

Cho Seung-hee’s Full Profile

dia cho seung hee

Name: Cho Seung-hee

Original name: Jo Lee-hyun

Birthday: June 3rd, 1991

Place of Birth: Gwangju City

Height: 166 cm

Weight: 43

Blood type: O

Label: Pocket Doll Studio

Education: Kookmin University Majoring Theatre

Instagram: seunghee91_63

Café daum: 91seunghee

Cho Seung-hee’s Facts

dia cho seung hee
  • She dreamed of becoming an actress rather than a singer/idol.
  • Many people say that she looks like former SNSD’s member Jessica or T-ara’s Hyomin, Girlfriend’s SinB.
  • She has a wine sommelier certificate.
  • She changed her name from Cho Seung-hee to Cho Yi-hyun.
  • Cho Seung-hee’s activities ranged from being an idol, actress, musical actress, TV program MC, and wine sommelier.
  • She won the Miss Chunhyang beauty pageant in 2012.
  • She enrolled in Woollim Entertainment and FNC Entertainment audition. She passed both audition but chose Woollim Entertainment.

Cho Seung-hee’s Career

dia cho seung hee

Cho Seung-hee debuted as F-ve Dolls member in November 7th, 2013. Before debuting as an idol, she already debuted as a musical actress. She performed in High Teen Musical Idol as Kim Na-yeon.

She also made a special appearance in SBS’s Running Man in 2012. She participated in various dramas, movies, variety show,s and musicals throughout her career. Other than acting, she was also contributed her voice in drama OST.

Cho Seung-hee in DIA

dia cho seung hee

Seung Hee is the last addition in idol group DIA. DIA was formed by MBK Entertainment through a survival program. However, the show was canceled midway through the program, and fixed members were selected by the company. Initially, DIA consisted of six members: Eunice, Huihyeoon, Jenny, Yebin Eunjin and Chaeyeon.

Cho Seung-hee is added at the last moment just before DIA’s debut. DIA debuted in September 2015 by releasing Do It Amazing. In DIA, Cho Seung-hee was positioned as leader, main vocalist and also face of the group. Perhaps, she was selected as leader because she already has experience as member of F-ve Dolls.

Cho Seung-hee in F-ve Dolls

dia cho seung hee

Cho Seung-hee made her debut as main vocalist in idol group F-ve Dolls member. At the time she debuted with album Since 1971. While performing with F-Ve Dolls, Cho Seung-hee also appeared in The Seeya, T-ara and Davichi’s music videos.

Outside promoting with F-ve Dolls, Cho Seung-hee also appeared in variety show such as jTBC’s Witch and KBS2’s Crisis Escape No. 1. F-Ve Dolls disbanded in November 2014 and Cho Seung-hee moved to another idol group, DIA.

Cho Seung-hee’s Solo MVs

Cho Seung-hee contributed to the original soundtrack of popular drama Reply 1988. In this soundtrack, she performed with senior singer.

Cho Seung-hee’s Dramas and Movies

dia cho seung hee

Even at a young age, Cho Seung-hee is already a veteran actress. She starred in various drama genres but mostly in teen drama or romantic drama. She usually performed as a confident and sassy girl. In order to focus on her acting career, she changed her name from Cho Seung-hee to Cho Yi-hyun. However, there is also another young actress with the same name.

Cho Seung-hee in 109 Strange Things

dia cho seung hee

Cho Seung-hee performed as one of the leading actresses in the 2019 web drama 109 Strange Things. This drama tells the story of a robot that came from the future. The handsome robot found Shin Ki-won, a young college girl, and live in her house. The robot helps the girl to go through a difficult period in her life.

In this fiction-romantic drama, Cho Seung-hee performed as Shin Ki-yun, Shin Ki-won’s sister.

Cho Seung-hee in My First Love

dia cho seung hee

Cho Seung-hee performed as Baek Na-hee in SBS Plus drama, My First Love. This drama tells the story of a man who still lingers in his past. He can’t forget his first love. One day, he was given a second chance to return to the past and met his first love.

Baek Na-hee is a manipulative girl and she has many ways to seduce a man, especially if the man is her handsome coworker. She can be playful and lovely to her man.

Cho Seung-hee’s rebirth as Cho Yi-hyun.

dia cho seung hee

Cho Seung-hee announced her new stage name, Cho Yi-hyun. By announcing her new name, it appeared that she wants to start new career as a full-time actress or TV host entertainer rather than idol-entertainer. On her new profile picture, she shows a fresh but mature image. In 2020, She is known as Mr. Trot host and is set to appear on many variety shows.

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