Profile of Choi Min-soo: Family, Variety, and TV Show

Actor Choi Min-soo’s Family

Most of Choi’s family members were in the entertainment industry. His grandmother from his mother’s side, Jeon Ok, was a famous actress in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Not only his grandmother, but his grandfather, Kang Hong-shik, was also a movie director. His parents also worked as actors. His father, Choi Moo-ryong, also works as an actor and his mother, Kang Hyo-shil, is an actress. Actor’s blood had been hereditary in Choi’s family.

Choi got married to June Elizabeth Kang in 1994. They met in 1993 at the international Miss Korea Beauty Pageant, where June represented as Miss Canada. They have two sons from their marriage. His first son was born in 1996 and is named Christian Choi. His second son was born in 2001 and is named Benjamin Choi. They often post their family activities on Chris’s and June’s Instagram feeds.

Like father like son, Christian also became an actor and made an appearance in the Drama Man Who Dies to Live with Choi. Even though Chris majored in Political Science at the University of Toronto, he can’t help but love acting. He took a leave of absence from university and went to the Toronto Film School. While in school, he also took some auditions and got his first role as a detective. Choi revealed in an interview that he never pressured his son to be an actor and just told him to value all experiences while he is still young.

Personal Life

Choi is famous for his manly and tough-guy personality. In Running Man, he appeared as a hunter and gives viewers a scary image. But in real life, Choi is famous to be the “lame lamb” to his wife. In the show Talent For Show, he explained that the reason he choose to be the “lame lamb” is because he loves his wife.

His wife, June Kang, is also active as an entertainer. She wrote a book about her journey in marriage with Choi Min-soo. For her, after living in Canada for 23 years and then moving to Korea, she had to write a book about this big journey and her experiences. She also revealed a secret about her marriage. For her, Choi is like her parents so she felt comfortable around him and they have always been happily married.

Choi Min-soo’s Career Life

Choi made his debut in 1986 with the drama The Son of God. Before debuting in a Drama, he starred in a short movie first. After starring in small roles in some movies, he got to be the lead character in the movie Man Market in 1990. Not only action, he also appeared in comedy films such as Mister Mama with the late actress, Choi Jin-sil. His name got more well known after he starred in the Drama Hourglass along with actress Go Hyun-jung and actor Lee Jung Jae. In Korea, Hourglass became a famous Drama.

Not only an actor, he also became a member of the band 36.5˚C and performed at rock concerts and festivals. Choi and his six friends owned a bar to practice their performances in. He is also active as a musical actor.

Choi Min-soo’s Scandal

In 2008, Choi was scheduled to star in the Hollywood movie Street of Dreams with co-stars Robert De Niro and Andy Garcia. However, he had to step away from the production because of a scandal. Choi allegedly beat Yu, a 70 year-old man. It happened when Choi’s jeep was blocked by a tow truck driver. Yu, as the owner of the restaurant, tried to tell him not to curse, but Choi grabbed his collar and beat him.

After beating him, Choi tried to flee the scene in his car but Yu blocked him with his body. In the end, Choi dragged Yu’s body for about 50 meters. Witnesses said Yu managed to climb into the car and Choi threatened him with a knife. They were both brought to the police office to be questioned but were let go by the police after the victim’s family decided not to press charges against him. After the news broke to the public, Choi publicly apologized at a press conference. He also exiled himself to the mountains for a year to reflect on his behavior.

In 2010, June was asked her opinion by a reporter about Choi exiling himself. She said, “I feel a bit frustrated. You know my husband. Solitude is his first friend. I am his second.

She also added, “Don’t worry. I really trust my husband. He is a born artist. He is the man I married”. This shows how much June believed in her husband at the time.

Fun Facts
  • He didn’t cut his hair for six years from 2011. In 2017, when he got the role in a Drama, he cut his hair after he got paid.
  • In 2014, he won a Golden Acting Award at the MBC Drama Awards, but he refused to accept it and gave respect to the Sewol Ferry victims instead.
  • He proposed to his wife within three hours of meeting.
  • When he appeared on the show Strong Hearts, he revealed that he witnessed goblins and ghosts while living in the mountains.
  • He got pocket money of 400,000 Korean won from his wife for his personal needs.
  • He has several tattoos on his body and hands.