Profile of Choi Ji-woo: Age, Height, Husband, Family, Dramas, and Plastic Surgery Issue

Born in Paju, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, on June 11, 1975, Choi Ji-woo has been widely recognized since her appearance as Jeong Yoo-jin in popular South Korean drama, Winter Sonata. Her acting was remarkable, and earned her many awards and nominations, such as Most Popular Actress in TV category at the 38th Baeksang Arts Awards in 2002. Besides Winter Sonata, Choi Ji-Woo has played in several movies and dramas that are also undoubtedly incredible. Here are some some popular series and movies that Ji-Woo performed in and you shouldn’t miss out on; Stairway to Heaven (2003), The Suspicious Housekeeper (2013) and Temptation (2014) and the romantic comedy series Twenty Again (2015) and Woman with a Suitcase (2016). In February 2014, Choi Ji-Woo officially signed with agency YG Entertainment, and she is still under YG today.

Choi Ji-woo (42) was born by the name Choi Mi-hyang. She was first discovered after she won MBC’s talent audition in 1994, marking her acting debut in 1995 with drama series War and Love. Since then, she acknowledged as Choi Ji-woo as her stage name. In 2002, her role in Winter Sonata, alongside with Bae Yong-joon (who previously had a supporting role in the drama First Love in 1996) was a popular hit Korean drama. It was reported as a phenomenal hit throughout Asia, even the first step of the Korean Wave worldwide. She graduated from Busan Women’s College, having majored in Aerobic Dance. She also enrolled in Hanyang University’s Theater and Film Department, but only for her first year. Ji-Woo withdrew from her studies due to her hectic work schedule.

List of Choi Ji-woo’s Dramas

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Ji-woo was recognized from her iconic role in Winter Sonata, but do you know her other drama series? She has actually has played a part in a lot of drama series, either popular ones or low rated ones. Ji-woo was offered Japanese and Taiwanese dramas. She had to spend a few years overseas to shoot her dramas outside Korea. Here is a list of her drama series, from her debut until now. Check this out!

  1. War and Love (MBC / 1995)
  2. First Love (KBS2 / 1996)
  3. 8 Love Stories | Reobeuseutori (SBS / 1999-2000) – Min-Jung (Ep.2 “Message”)
  4. Mr. Duke | Singwi Kongja (MBC / 2000)
  5. Beautiful Days | Areumdawoon naldeul (SBS / 2001) – Kim Yun-Soo
  6. Winter Sonata (2002) – Jung Yoo-Jin
  7. Stairway to Heaven Cheongookeui gyedan (SBS / 2003) – Han Jung-Seo
  8. Rondo (TBS / 2006)
  9. Air City (MBC / 2007) – Han Do-Kyung
  10. Star’s Lover | Seutaui Yeonin (SBS / 2008-2009) – Lee Ma-Ri
  11. Fuyu no Sakura (TBS / 2011) – cameo
  12. Can’t Live With Losing | Jikoneun Motsalah (MBC / 2011) – Lee Eun-Jae
  13. The Suspicious Housekeeper | Soosanghan Gajungboo (SBS / 2013) – Housekeeper Park Bok-Nyeo
  14. Temptation | Yoohok (SBS / 2014) – Yoo Se-Young
  15. Second 20s | Doobunzzae Seumoosal (tvN / 2015) – Ha No-Ra
  16. Woman with a Suitcase | Kaerieoreul Ggeuneun Yeoja (MBC / 2016) – Cha Geum-Joo
  17. First Seven Kisses (Naver TV Cast / 2016) – Goddess
  18. The Most Beautiful Goodbye | Sesangeseo Gajang Areumdawoon Yibyeol (tvN / 2017) – Yeon-Soo

List of Choi Ji-Woo’s Movies

Besides her success accomplishments in drama series, Choi Ji-woo is also known in movie roles. Here is a list of popular movies she had played in.

  1. The Adventures of Mrs Park | Park Bong-gon gachulageon (1996)
  2. Hallelujah (1997)
  3. The Hole | Olgami (1997) – Su-Jin
  4. First Kiss | Kiss harggayo (1998) – Song Yeon-Hwa
  5. Nowhere to Hide | Injeong sajeong bol geot eobtda (1999) – Juyon
  6. The Romantic President | Piano Chineun Daetongryeong (2002) – Eun-Joo
  7. Everybody Has Secrets | Nuguna Bimileun Itda (2004) – Han Sun-Young
  8. Shadowless Sword | Muyeonggeom (2005) – Bidomoon Leader
  9. Now and Forever | Yeonriji (2006) – Han Hye-Won
  10. The Actresses | Yeobaewoodeul (2009) – Choi Ji-Woo
  11. Like for Likes | Johahaejyo (2016) – Ham Joo-Ran

Choi Ji-Woo’s TV Shows

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Korean entertainment has no end. Music, drama, movies, and shows, all of them have different fields and enthusiasts from various circles. All actors and actresses also have chance to show their personalities, apart from their appearances on drama or their characters. They can become themselves in shows. It also happened with Choi Ji-woo. Widely acknowledged as a talented actress, she also appeared in several TV shows. If you want to know more about her personality, and her true self behind her characters, we will provide you with a list of her TV shows that you should watch!

  1. Line to the Law Center (NTV / 2008) VTR Appearance
  2. Choi Ji-Woo’s Delicious Korea (O’live TV / 2012) Host
  3. MBC Human Documentary – Love (MBC / 2013) Narration
  4. Grandpas Over Flowers (tvN / 2015) Cast member (season 4)
  5. Candy in my Ears – Season 2 (tvN / 2017) Cast member

Choi Ji-Woo’s Family and Spouse

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Choi Ji-woo was born with the Choi family name from her father, Choi Won-yong (52), Yun Gil-ja (50). She also has one older brother who is already married. In her 40’s, Choi Ji-woo reportedly does not currently have a boyfriend. But back then in 2009, she was dating a famous South Korean actor, Lee Jin-wook. But sadly, after 3 years together, this couple broke up in 2011. Until now, she has been focusing on her career as an actress and she still has no idea about when she wants to get married. During an interview, she stated that “I don’t want to feel rush to get married. It would be a pity if I get married because of other people’s expectations. I’m already happy with my life and my job.”

Choi Ji-Woo’s Plastic Surgery Rumor

As a Korean idol, Choi Ji-woo is also rumored to have gotten plastic surgery. People assume that she had surgery on her eyes and lips. She is known for having a face that looks like Seohyun from SNSD, which leads to the speculation that she had plastic surgery from the same doctor. But some people also think that they only have similar facial structure.

Her eyelids and nose were noticed to look different within several years. Her eyes appeared bigger and wider, compared to several years ago. On the other hand, her nose seems longer and smaller. In South Korea, it is a common thing to have plastic surgery on the eyes, nose, and jaw structure. And for celebrities, some of them do not feel ashamed to open up about their plastic surgery experience. After all, her plastic surgery method was categorized as confident because her aim was an attractive appearance. Here are some photos before and after surgery. What do you think? Do you spot any differences in her eyes and nose?