Profile of Chae Sang-woo: Height, Movies, and TV Shows


Who Is Chae Sang-woo?

Chae Sang-woo is a South Korean actor under Blossom Entertainment. He debuted as a child actor in 2008 and still consistently gets roles in dramas and movies. But, how well do you know him? Let’s find out more information about Chae Sang-woo here!

Chae Sang-woo’s Profile (Height, Blood Type, etc)

  • Name: Chae Sang-woo
  • Place, date of birth: South Korea, March 31, 1999
  • Height: 178 cm
  • Weight: 60 kg
  • Blood Type: O
  • Zodiac: Aries

Chae Sang-woo’s Movie and TV Show Appearances (From 2008 to 2017)

Year Title Type Role
 2008  Ddam eui Soongyoja Takdeon Choi Yang Up Drama  N/A
 2008  My Sweet Seoul Drama  N/A
2008  Windy City Drama N/A
 2009  Swallow the Sun Drama Sae-deol
2009  High Kick Through the Roof Drama  N/A
2009  Father’s House Drama Jae-Il’s classmate
2009 Synnara Gwahaknara Variety show Chae Sang-woo
 2010  More Charming by the Day Drama Kim Joon
2010 Wedding Dress Movie Min-Woo
 2011  Midas Drama Do-Hyun (young)
2011 49 Days Drama Scheduler (Young)/ Song Yi-Soo
2011 City Hunter Drama Lee Yoon-sung (young)
2011 Deep Rooted Tree Drama Ddol Bok/ Kang Chae-yoon
2011 Insu, The Queen Mother Drama Danjong
2012 Dream of the Emperor Drama Kim Choon-Choo (young)
2013 Queen of Ambition Drama Ha Ryoo (young)
2013 Jang Ok-jung, Living by Love Drama Lee Soon (young)
2013 The Blade and Petal Drama Yeon Choong (young)
2013 The Firstborn Drama Park Soon-Taek (young)
2013 The Suspicious Housekeeper Drama Eun Doo-Gyeol (Sang-Chul’s son)
2013 The Face Reader Movie Crown prince
2014 The Huntresses Movie Sa-Hyun (child)
2015 Unkind Ladies Drama Kook Young-Soo
2015 The Producers Drama Ra Joon-Mo (teen)
2017 Money Flower Drama Jang Boo-Cheon (young)


Even though Chae Sang-woo is still young, he has performed many roles. This proves that Chae Sang-woo is one of South Korea’s talented actors. It looks like we can expect more from him. From now on, let’s keep supporting Chae Sang-woo and wait for more of his appearances!