Full Profile Of Korean Actress Byun Jung-soo


South Korean Legendary Actress, Byun Jung Soo

It is widely known that Korean Dramas are no longer for Korean people only, but have spread widely. The dramas are now watched by people worldwide, especially in Asia. There are many actors and actresses giving color to the South Korean entertainment industry. However, there are some actors and actresses that are famously known as legends in the industry, and Byun Jun-soo is one of them. For those of you who want to know more about Byun Jung-soo, here we will reveal her full profile, so stay tuned!

Actress Byun Jung Soo’s Profile 2018

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Full Name : Byun Jung-soo

Date of Birth : April 15, 1974

Age : 43 years old

Place of Birth : Seoul, South Korea

Occupations : Actress and model

Year Active : 1995 – active

Who is Byun Jung-soo’s Husband?

Byun Jung-soo’s husband is Andrew Liu. Although there has not been very much published about Byun Jung-soo’s husband, but it was known that they got married in 1997. Jung-soo married at a very young age (when she was still 21 years old).

Byun Jung-soo’s Mother Thoughts About Her Wedding

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Getting married at a very young age is not something common for Korean people. Seeing that Byun Jung-soo married young, people wondered what her parents’ thought. It was revealed when Byung Jung-soo came to “Star Life Theater” with her mom. Out of curiosity, they asked her mother, “Isn’t that too young of an age to get married?“. Byung-soo’s mother answer shocked everyone. “I got married early too,” and continued, “Most parents don’t want their daughters to get married early, but I liked her fiancé. There was a kind of elegance to him, and he seemed innocent.

Byun Jung-soo’s Two Daughters

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Byun Jung-soo gave birth to 2 beautiful daughters. She once posted a picture of herself with her daughters on her Me Today, with the caption “I found this in my album. This was the second marriage of my life. My two daughters and elegant and so adorable! Thank you dears.” Her first daughter, Yoo Chae-won, wore a tube top dress, which looked really pretty on her, while her second daughter, Yoo Jeong-won, looked adorable in her white dress.

Byun Jung-soo as A Model and A Mom


Byun Jung-soo has appeared at many fashion shows, even after being a mom of 2 daughters. There was a moment that garnered a lot of attention when she came to a GUCCI Launching Event with her young daughter. She showed everyone that it is possible to have both a career and a family.


Byun Jung-soo’s Family Background

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Being successful and even being considered one of Korea’s influencers, people might expect that Byun Jung-soo came from a rich family background. When she appeared together with her mother on “Star Life Theater”, her mother thought for a long time, and said “I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say this. I had to send three children to college, and I wanted to send you all, but I thought if you got married then your in-laws would send you to college“, Byun Jung-soo shed tears after hearing this confession from her mom.

Byun Jung-soo’s Career Life


Byun Jung-soo first began her career as a model. Started in the 1990s, Byun Jung-soo even walked for the exclusive brand “Kenzo” on several runways, including in Seoul, New York, and Paris. After the success of her modeling career, she then started an acting career in 2002 with her first TV drama appearance in “Women Next Door” in 2003.

Not stopping at that, Byun Jung-soo also stepped into the world of design, as the creative director for Ellhoya (a clothing label) in 2005. Ellhoya then launched its higher-end line under Byun Jung-soo’s hands for Hyundai Home Shopping Network. Two years later, she also became the host for the “Olive Show” talk show which talked about fashion trends. She was famously known for her chic sense of style. In 2009, Byun Jung-soo wrote 3 books and created a Licht make-up line.

Complete List of Byun Jung-soo’s Movies and TV Shows

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Having been an actress for years, Byun Jung-soo has performed in several movies and TV shows. Here is the complete list!

Actress Byun Jung-soo’s TV Series

No Movie Title Role Year Network
1. “Man in Crisis” Yoon Na Mi 2002 MBC
2. “Shoot for the Stars” Lee Mi Ryun 2002 SBS
3. “The Bean Chaff of My Life” Bae Hyun-ah 2003 MBC
4. “Women Next Door” Ae Kyung 2003 MBC
5. “First Love” Hong Young Ja 2003 SBS
6. “The Woman Who Wants to Marry” Jang Seung Ri 2004 MBC
7. “You’re Not Alone” Reporter Byun Jung Soo 2004 SBS
8. “Wives on Strike” Kim Jung Kang 2004 SBS
9. “Can Love Be Refilled?” Hong Jin Joo 2005 KBS2
10. “What’s Up Fox” Fashion show attendee (cameo, ep. 2) 2006 MBC
11. “Bad Couple” Na Dol Soon 2007 SBS
12. “The Last Scandal of My Life” Lee Na Yoon 2008 MBC
13. “Style” As a Cameo 2009 SBS
14. “Pasta” Kim Kang 2010 MBC
15. “Marry Me, Please” Han Kyung Joo 2010 KBS2
16. “Manny” Janice 2011 tvN
17. “Hooray for Love” Byun Joo Ri 2011 MBC
18. Drama Special “Their Perfect Day” Lee Mi Bok 2013 KBS2
19. “The Queen’s Classroom” Go Na Ri’s mother 2013 MBC
20. “Ruby Ring” Jung Cho Rim 2013 KBS2
21. “Legendary Witches” Ma Joo Ran 2014 MBC
22. “Band of Sisters” Go Pil Soon 2017 SBS

Actress Byun Jung-soo’s Movies

No. Title Role Year
1. “Marrying the Mafia” Cameo 2002
2. “If You Were Me” Mom 2003
3. “White: The Melody of the Curse” Agency Representative 2011

Complete List of Byun Jung-soo’s Radio and Variety Shows

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No. Title Year Notes Network
1. “The Best Dining Table” 1996 SBS
2. “Time Capsule” 1996 SBS
3. “앗2시다” 1996 DJ SBS Power FM
4. “Olive Show” 2008 – 2009 Host Olive TV
5. “May I Sleep Over Tonight” 2008 – 2009 Host MBC
6. “Talk & City” Season 6 2012 Host Story On
7. “Moms Running in High Heels” 2013 Host SBS E!
8. “Look at Mei” 2013 Host GTV

Complete List of Byun Jung-soo’s Books

As was mentioned before, Byun Jung-soo also wrote a few books, here is the list of books written by her that might inspire you!

No. Title Year Released Publisher
1. “Yes! I’m a Wife” 1997 Songrim
2. “Byun Jung Soo’s 7 Open Interiors” 2003 Sigongsa
3. “Byun Jung Soo’s Massive Childcare” 2005 Chosun Ilbo Living Media

Complete List of Byun Jung-soo’s Awards for Modeling

No. Award Category Year Result
1. Model Line Best New Model of the Year 1995 Won
2. Model Line Korea’s Best Dressed 2003 Won

Complete List of Byun Jung-soo’s TV Shows Awards

No. Award Category Year Result Drama 
1. MBC Drama Awards Popularity Award, Actress 2002 Won “Man in Crisis”
2. MBC Drama Awards Special Acting Award 2004 Won “The Woman Who Wants to Marry”
3. SBS Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actress in a Sitcom 2004 Won “You’re Not Alone”