Profile of BTS’s Rap Monster: Age, Height, Birthday, Abs, Sister, and Etc

4. Rap Monster – Reflection

This song is a song from WINGS album where all the BTS members have solo songs. Reflection is a song sung and written by Rap Monster. The song was ranked 38th on the Gaon Chart.

5. Rap Monster with Warren G – Please Dont Die

This song was done with American hip-hop musician Warren G. The lyrics were written by Rap Monster himself, and shown to his haters. The song Please Do not Die is sung mostly in Korean. But in some parts, there are also words in English, which Rapmon speaks fluently.

Even Warren G praised the work made by Rap Monster. During an interview with CJ America, Warren G said, about the young idol rapper, “I could not understand all his lyrics, but I can say that it was very good, because his flow, style, and rhythm are all excellent.”

When he was asked about the differences between Korean and American rappers, he answered that there was not a big difference, adding, “When I hear Rap Monster’s songs, it sounds like Snoop Dogg or me rapping with the beats we’ve made.”

During another interview with hip hop webzine Hiphopplaya, he further continued, “Speaking as an artist and a producer, he is an exceptional rapper. His delivery is amazing.”

Rap Monster’s Girlfriend

Currently Rap Monster has no girlfriend, because he is too busy with his career and does not have time to date. Rap Monster had a girlfriend when he was in high school, but eventually they broke up because the girl seemed too friendly with the other boys.

Rap Monster believes that his ideal type of woman is a tall, pale, white person, and a pure feminine lady and who will look good in jeans, a white T-shirt, and a pair of sneakers.

He once jokingly remarked that if his band member J-Hope was a woman, he would choose her for a date because J-Hope was like a mother in a dormitory.

He once mentioned in an interview what would happen if he has a girlfriend who is not an idol. He said, he will write a song as his apology for being an idol.

He has a very busy schedule, so he wanted to convince himself that he was much better than the girl thought. He dreamed of making a song for his girlfriend someday, and singing it.

Rap Monster has also been rumored to be dating Hollywood artist, Taylor Swift. Though Rap Monster and Taylor Swift both have busy schedules, and rarely meet each other. Of course, this news is just a joke and makes fans of Taylor Swift and Rap Monster laugh.

Rap Monster’s Sister

Rap Monster has a younger sister whose birth year is the same as Jongkook’s, 1997. His sister’s name is Kim Kyungnim.

Rap Monster’s ABS

Rap Monster may be the rarest member of BTS to show its ABS. But, on several occasions, netizens found out that Rap Monster also has ABS, although he’s not like other members who like to show them off.

However, what amazes netizens is Rap Monster’s muscular arms, that are so sexy.