Profile of BtoB Member Jung Ilhoon and Facts

As a Featured Artist

2012 HyunA’s Melting Album – Unripe Apple

2013 2Yoon’s Harvest Moon Album – Nightmare

2013 G.NA’s Beautiful Kisses Album – Oops!

2014 Dalshabet’s B.B.B Album – Just Pass By (Subin Solo)

2015 Inoran’s Beautiful Now Album – 2Limes (Along with Minhyuk and Peniel BTOB)

2015 HyunA’s A+ Album – Roll Deep

2015 Unpretty Rapstar 2 Semi-Final Part 1 – This Ain’t Me (Along with Jiyoon)

2015 Wax’s Single – Wind Clock

2016 CLC’s Chamisma Album – Chamisma

2017 Melody Day’s Kiss On The Lips Album – You Seem Busy

2018 Samuel’s One Album – One


Soundtrack Appearances

2013 OST When A Man Falls in Love – Bye Bye Love (Along with Dongwoon and Yoseob, Changsub BTOB)

2015 OST Sweet, Savage Family – Goodbye Sadness (Along with Changsub and Eunkwang BTOB)

2016 OST Cinderella and Four Knights – For You (Along with Changsub and Eunkwang BTOB)