Profile of BEAST’s Lee Gi-kwang: Girlfriend, Abs, Family, Dramas, Hairstyle, and Plastic Surgery


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Lee Gi-Kwang’s Discorography

Lee Gi-kwang

2009 – First Episode: A New Hero

First Episode: A New Hero was Lee Gi-kwang’s first solo album and his debut album into K-Pop entertainment industry. The album released on April 2009 through CUBE Entertainment in South Korea with CD format and digital download. The album consist of 5 songs with the title track Dancing Shoes. In this album, Lee Gi-kwang collaborated with Hyuna in the song 2009.

No Track List
1 Intro
2 [Title Track] Dancing Shoes
3 2009 (featuring Hyuna)
4 Wipe the Tears
5 Dancing Shoes (Instrumental)


2017 – ONE

ONE was Lee Gi-kwang’s second album which released on September 4, 2017 through Around Us Entertainment and LOEN Entertainment. It released on CD format and digital download in South Korea and Japan. During its release, the album was on 5th position in South Korea and 171th Japan. The album consists of 8 songs, including a special song that only released on CD What Are U and the title track What You Like.

No Track List
1 [Title Track] What You Like
2 One
3 Misunderstand
4 Dreaming (featuring Luizy)
5 Look at Me Now
6 Trick (featuring Lil Boi)
7 Only U
8 What Are U (CD only)



2009 – Dancing Shoes


2009 – Wipe the tears


2017 – What You Like


As Featured Artist

2010 – Love is Pathetic