Profile of BEAST’s Lee Gi-kwang: Girlfriend, Abs, Family, Dramas, Hairstyle, and Plastic Surgery

Lee Gi-Kwang Plastic Surgery Rumor

Lee Gi-kwang plastic surgery

All of the entertainers in the entertainment industry must had been through plastic surgery rumors since their debut. Lee Gi-kwang also being investigated by the public for whether he had plastic surgery or not. Luckily, there aren’t any evidences on Lee Gi-kwang plastic surgery till now. He even become the most handsome face in Asia. Let’s check out his appearance from his timeline.

Lee Gi-kwang predebut photo
Lee Gi-kwang from time to time

Lee Gi-kwang’s Hairstyle Through His Career

As the most handsome face in Asia, Lee Gi-kwang appearance always become a hot topic. Lee Gi-kwang likes to change his hairstyle from time to time since his debut era as a soloist until now as founders of Around Us Entertainment. Let’s check out Lee Gi-kwang hairstyle until now.


Pre-Debut Era

Lee Gi-kwang from time to time


Lee Gi-kwang hairstyle 1
Lee Gi-kwang hairstyle 2
Lee Gi-kwang hairstyle 3
Lee Gi-kwang hairstyle 4
Lee Gi-kwang hairstyle 5
Lee Gi-kwang hairstyle 6