Full Profile of Former BADKIZ Member Sol.B: Fun Facts, Personality, Latest News

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About BADKIZ’s Member Sol.B

Sol.B made her career journey as a BADKIZ member in 2018 and successfully gained a lot of attention from people. In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with all the details of former BADKIZ member Sol.B, so stay tuned!

Full Profile of BADKIZ’s Sol.B


Birth Name: Han Sol-bi (한솔비)

Stage Name: Sol.B (솔비)

Date of Birth: January 16th, 1995

Age: 25 years old

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Height: 161 cm

Weight: 48 kg

Position: Sub-vocalist

Years Active: 2018–present

Label: ZOO Entertainment

Associated With: BADKIZ

Some Facts About BADKIZ’s Sol.B

  • Sol.B joined the group BADKIZ in 2018
  • She was only active as a BADKIZ member for several months
  • After her departure from BADKIZ, Sol.B decided to join a group named A-Dean under the stage name Yuki, in March 2019, but she again left the group shortly after in July 2019

About BADKIZ’s Sol.B’s Personality


Sol.B was known as the cheerful member who brought ‘freshness’ in BADKIZ! Even though she was the added member and was only together with the group for several months, her hard work while promoting with BADKIZ was something real. She also could get along with the other BADKIZ members well!

BADKIZ’s Sol.B’s Focus Fancam


Sol.B was looking extremely attractive during BADKIZ’s “Give It To Me” and “Just One Day” live performance! Her exquisite appearance was also captured through one of her fancams which made the fans able to focus on Sol.B’s dance performance as well as her vocal abilities.

She appeared with a white crop top outfit which suited her body very well, and the light blonde hair also matched her style even more. From the focus fancam of Sol.B, we could see the mixture of adorable and sexy sides from her! The way she danced following the up-beat rhythm also made the crowds easily hypnotized by her charm as well!

Another focus fancam of Sol.B during the “Just One Day” era! This time, her performance was a mixture of chic and powerful dancing moves! With a combination of a grey blazer and shorts, a black crop top, and a braided ponytail, Sol.B was definitely shining with her sophisticated charm!

BADKIZ’s Sol.B’s Visual


Even with a candid pose, Sol.B has proven that her amazing visual is no joke at all. Her porcelain skin, pointed nose, full lips, thick eyebrows, and those beautiful eyes are made out for her only!


As for Sol.B’s visual features, those beautiful eyes might be the highlight of all of them. Her eyes also remind us of doll eyes, and her stunning visual is also completed by the tiny pointed nose and full lips as well!


Sol.B was mostly seen with her cute pose which made her visual even more adorable! With her wavy burgundy hair and little bangs, her adorable charm was emphasized even more!

After Sol.B’s Departure From BADKIZ


It has been quite a long time since Sol.B last made an appearance in the K-Pop music industry. What has she been up to lately? Her latest project was through the group called A-Dean, but Sol.B left the group eventually. Then, it seems that it is uncertain of Sol.B has decided to continue her career as a K-Pop artist. Also, we haven’t found any related news or latest updates from her.

That was all the information about Sol.B! Let’s keep supporting her and hope to see another project from her in the future!

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